Since the launching of playstation 2, information protection awareness specialists have sampled the lot of vulnerabilities in console password that enable the use of homebrew games, another means of speak piracy. Now, much more than two decades after the console to be released, a researcher revealed a an approach to hack the device through the integrated DVD component.

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For obvious reasons, users interested in exploiting this vulnerability cannot simply burn a disc include an ELF paper and mean the PlayStation 2 (PS2) system, therefore a flaw regarded the evaluation of managed data indigenous the console must be exploited.

According to info security awareness experts, the PS2 supports the playback of melted DVDs, expanding the attack surface because that homebrew gaming use; with respect to DVD video, there space multiple main contents exposed come the exploitation of protection flaws, for example:

UDF file systemDVD metadata and subtitlesAudio and video clip decodingInteraction machine

The full DVD specification is composed mainly the open layouts such as MPEG group in a proprietary container layout (VOB). For property aspects there space some unofficial references freely accessible. The IFO record format is most likely the simplest format used, and also is responsible because that storing the metadata that links the video files.

In his research, the hacker mentions the it is the interaction an equipment that permits the deployment of interactive menus and also games on DVD format discs. This component has actually 32 indict groups and can be supplied to manipulate the state of the interior memory, prepare an exploit. This condition could additionally be offered to create a universal DVD, through a menu to pick a firmware version and activate the appropriate exploit.

During testing, the info security awareness skilled used an emulator with debug support, which first presented one obstacle since the most renowned PS2 emulators do not assistance DVD playback.

Using a specially draft code, the hacker was able to abuse the DVD player materials of the PS2 mechanism successfully, permitting you to operation pirated games in the same way that one official video game would work. Full research is available at the following link.

This hack was just tested ~ above PS2 v3.10E, this is the latest version of the console exit officially, for this reason there should be no difficulties exploiting the DVD ingredient in earlier versions the the console. The professional adds that there are likely to be an ext common errors, such as buffer overflows, enough to achieve similar results, although this is a fully functional different to using homebrew games on this console the has already become a classic.

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For additional reports top top vulnerabilities, exploits, malware variants and computer security risks, it is encourage to enter the website that the International academy of Cyber defense (IICS), and the official platforms of modern technology companies.




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