Hey there, we’re i m really sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your Pfister faucet. We know it’s frustrating once something doesn’t work exactly how it’s an alleged to, however the an excellent news is the there may be an easy fix to acquire you earlier up and also running.

Review the information below and follow the web links to uncover your specific model if you require to number out what parts you have to order. And also if at any suggest you feeling lost, don’t hesitate to contact our customer company reps to aid walk you with it.

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Need assist Uninstalling mine Faucet

Problem: I need assist uninstalling mine faucet, what carry out I must do to proceed?

Our faucets space pretty an easy to uninstall, but we"ve do them because that a lengthy time so connections and methods deserve to vary a little. The best information in this area is uncovered in the indict manuals and maintenance treatment guides written specifically for every model. You can use our faucet finder to locate yourproduct then walk to the resources situated on the page. If you"re wondering around disconnecting hoses, in particular, over there is some good general details in the "I have actually a difficulty with my hose" link on the front page.
If friend still can"t uncover your product on the site, we have actually a dedicated team prepared to help. Please reach out once you can so that us can help you determine your product and solve your problem.Call united state at 1-800-PFAUCET (1-800-732-8238) orSend united state your question.

Find your faucet to check out a full parts list

View all possible matching faucets to find your particular model. Then watch the full parts diagram to recognize the correct component numbers come order.

Find your product

Contact us to help ID her faucet for you.

If you’re not sure what to carry out next, send united state a photograph of your faucet and also we’ll identify it because that you

Contact Pfister

Common Models" display="carousel" kicker="Get details support and parts information for your faucet" compareEnabled="false" linkText="View every Products" linkUrl="/parts-support/troubleshooting/products/kitchen-pull-out" products="F-534-7CRY,G133-10SS,F-534-70SS,T533-5SS,F-WKP-700S" cardType="SUPPORT" translations=" "ProductFiltering.ViewFilters": "View Filters", "CatalogLabel.Model": "Model", "CatalogLabel.ListPrice": "List Price", "CatalogLabel.LoadMore": "Load More", "CatalogLabel.ComingSoon": "Coming Soon", "CatalogLabel.Discontinued": "Discontinued", "CatalogLabel.New": "New", "CatalogPaths.Kitchen": "/kitchen", "CatalogLabel.ViewPartsDiagram": "View components Diagram", "CatalogPaths.Bathroom": "/bathroom", "CatalogPaths.Category": "/category", "CatalogLabel.Clear": "Clear", "CatalogLabel.ShownIn": "shown in", "CatalogLabel.AddToFavorites": "Add to Favorites", "CatalogLabel.RemoveFromFavorites": "Remove indigenous Favorites", "CatalogLabel.SortBy": "Sort by", "CatalogLabel.Finish": "Finish", "CatalogLabel.ProGrade": "Pro Grade", "CatalogLabel.Loading": "Loading…", "CatalogLabel.NoResults": "Sorry, us couldnu0027t find any products that matches your filter!", "CatalogLabel.Compare": "Compare", "CatalogPaths.PartsSupport": "/parts-support", "CatalogPaths.Troubleshooting": "/troubleshooting", "CatalogPaths.Product": "/product", "CatalogLabel.AllProducts": "All Products", "CatalogLabel.All": "All" ">

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