A arsenal of beneficial phrases in Haitian creole (Kreyòl ayisyen), a French-based creole spoken mainly in Haiti.

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English Kreyòl ayisyen (Haitian Creole)
Welcome Byen venu V byenvini N bèlantre
Hello (General greeting) Bonjou
How space you? Sak pase?Koman ou ye?Ki jan ou ye?
Reply come 'How are you?' Mwen byen (I'm well)N'ap bouleM ap boule (I'm fine, lit. 'I'm top top fire')Kon si, kon sa (So, so)M ap viv (I'm living)et ou (mem)? (and you?)
Long time no see Sa fè lontan Sa fe lon temps nou pa we
What's your name? Koman ou rele?Ki jan ou rele?Ki non ou?Ki non w?
My name is ... M rele ...Mwen rele ...Non m se ...
Where are you from? Ki kote ou sòti? Kote ou sòti?
I'm indigenous ... M'soti ...
Pleased to accomplish you Anchante M'kontan fè konesans ou Mwe kontan fe konesana ou Se youn plaisir fè konesans ou!
Good morning (Morning greeting) Bonjou Bon maten
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Bon apre-midi
Good evening (Evening greeting) Bonswa
Good night Bònn nui Bonswa Bonswa et bon rev
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Adye Orevwa Babay N a wè pi ta A pi ta (see you later) A demen (until tomorrow)
Good luck! Bòn chans
Cheers! good Health! (Toasts used when drinking) Ochan! Sante! Onè Respè!
Have a quite day Pase yon bònn jounen Bònn jounen
Bon appetit / have a pretty meal Bon apeti
Bon voyage / have a good journey Bon vwayaj
Do you understand? Ou konprann? Eske ou konprann?
I understand Mwen konprann
I don't understand Mwen pa komprann
Yes Wi
No Non
Maybe Petèt
I don't know Mwen pa konnen
Please speak more slowly Souple pale dousma Ou ka pale dousman souple?
Please say that again Ou ka repete souple?
Please create it down Es'ke ou ka ecri'l, tanpri?
Do girlfriend speak English? Eske ou pale angle?
Do girlfriend speak Haitian Creole? Eske ou pale kreyòl?
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do you speak ...?') Wi, piti piti Wi, on ti kal
How perform you speak ... In Haitian Creole? Kijan ou di ... One kreyòl?Kij one yo di...an kreyòl?Kòman ou di ... One Kreyòl??
Excuse me Eskize mwen Eskize m
How much is this? Konbyen?
Sorry Dezole! Mwen remorse sa! Padon!
Please Souple
Thank you Mesi Mesi ampil
Reply to say thanks to you MeritePadekwaDe ryen
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Kote twalèt la?
This gentleman/lady will certainly pay for everything  
Would you like to dance v me? Eske ou vle danse?
I miss out on you Mwen sonje w
I love you Mwen renmen w
Get fine soon Fè mye talè
Go away! Ale vou zan!
Leave me alone! Ki te'm anrepo'm!
Help! Anmwe!
Fire! Dife!
Stop! Rete!
Call the police! Rele la polis!
Christmas greetings Jwaye Nowèl
New Year greetings Bònn Ane
Easter greetings Bònn fèt pak
Birthday greetings Bonn fèt Erez anivèsè
Congratulations! Felisitasyon!
One language is never ever enough Yon sèl lang se janm ase
My hovercraft is complete of eels Se bato mwen ki flote sou dlo a ki te ranpli avèk èèl


The hovercraft phrase, i m sorry was noted by Athena Kolbe, means literally, "my watercraft that hovers on the water is complete of eels" - there is no word because that hovercraft in Haitian Creole.

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