I was watching a teenager shot to eliminate the home window crank indigenous his first car the various other day, and it win me that there are folks out there who’ve never ever suffered through it before. Because that anyone that hasn’t had actually the pleasure, let me assure you that you won’t need the above tool in many cases.

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Ah, the old window-crank removal video game — it can be super-frustrating and time-consuming, however I benefited indigenous a cantankerous mechanic taking pity top top me about 17 year ago, and I will currently pass that knowledge on to you. Once I walk the procedure this weekend the whole thing was over and also done with before anyone could grab a camera, so these pics room some I found at ColoradoFans.com.


The first order that business: take a screwdriver and wedge it in between the door panel and also crank. There’ll frequently be a plastic key in in between there and also a clip. You may not have the ability to see the clip very well, or at all in some cases.


If you can see the clip, start stuffing a rag in the space where the clip is. If girlfriend can’t watch it, make a assumption: v which side of the key the clip is on. If you’re not correct the worst that’ll happen is you’ll need to repeat this. No injury done.


Now utilizing a flossing or shoe-shine motion (whichever analogy friend prefer) job-related the rag ago and forth, applying a little pressure. Most of the moment the horseshoe clip is encountering with the prongs down towards the handle, in which case you’ll desire to work-related the rag about so the rag is hitting that part of the shaft. However sometimes that the other way, and also you’ll have to spin the rag around and work that side that the crank.


If everything goes fine you can hear a small pop. You might be rewarded through the clip paris loose. Or you can hear nothing. In any kind of case, try and eliminate the crank. If it no come loose, try again ~ above the various other side the the plastic disc or the turning back side that the shaft.

Note: Don’t lose the clip. You’ll need that to put the crank ago on.

Installation is pretty simple as well. Simply reassemble the crank/clip/disc and also position the clip so it’s grounding on the crank in the slots yet the prongs don’t walk in them. Carefully position the crank in place and nudge the clip house with a screwdriver as soon as it’s seated.

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I’m certain there are instances that can require the really removal tool (perhaps part friendly gear-heads reading this will certainly fill in the specifics), however I’ve never ever used one and this an approach seems pretty universal.