When it involves the home, oak and also pine are two that the most popular and commonly-used species of timber.

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However, they are actually quite different types of wood. Let’s discover the key differences in between oak and pine: your properties, uses and also benefits. Which could be ideal for her needs?

Oak vs Pine: figure


A number of different types of oak loss under the ‘oak’ umbrella — over 600, in fact! 2 you need to be acquainted with encompass European Oak (Quercus robur) and also American White Oak (Quercus alba).

These are several of the oldest, many popularly-used timber species — and also for very good reason. They have a timeless, stunning appeal and are considered a classy, stylish and also versatile hardwood for the home.

Oak has a gorgeous light-to-tan-brown colour through to golden-medium brown. Types of oak room usually qualified by a directly grain v a medium-coarse texture.

European Oak.
American White Oak.


Did you recognize that there are at the very least 126 types of pine transparent the world?

With so plenty of different types, there are as countless different shades and also colours. That said, jaw tree timber does often tend to be on the lighter side. This can make it more accepting that finishes, allowing it to it is in made to fit a particular style or colour scheme.

Pine varieties are usually qualified by a yellow-white sapwood, v a reddish-yellow heartwood. Over time, this can darken to a reddish-brown. Pine typically has a stripe or wavy grain, with texture differing by varieties from reasonably rough to fine.

As a coniferous tree, pine is a softwood. A common example that a pine types is Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), a tree indigenous to central, eastern and northern Europe. Both oak and pine are aboriginal to the UK.

Scots Pine. Image credit: by Beentree - very own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5077501

Oak vs Pine: characteristics & Properties

Hardwoods and softwoods differ in the way they reproduce and grow. Hardwood trees have actually a covering and also a various system for taking up water contrasted to softwood trees; this offers their timber a different structure.

As a general dominion — return not always — hardwoods have higher strength, hardness and durability than softwood counterparts. Crucially, oak varieties are hardwoods, whereas pine tree is a softwood.

Because oak trees deserve to take well over one century to grow and live for more than 300 years, your timbers are much stronger, heavier and also denser 보다 those of pine tree trees. Oak is much much less prone come scratching or denting.

Pine, on the various other hand, is a softwood that is commonly lightweight together a result of its faster cultivation time — is softer with much less robustness overall. This no to speak it’s flimsy by any means, however!


Oak vs Pine: Cost

Bearing in psychic the strength and durability advantages that oak holds over pine — including the slower expansion rate — it must come as no surprise to discover that oak commands a greater price 보다 pine. A conventional oak furniture job for the home have the right to come in at over double the cost of a pine tree equivalent.


Oak vs Pine: typical uses

Because that its beauty and also strength, oak lends itself fine to projects that are intended to last for countless years with a many use, including designer projects. Some usual uses because that oak include:

Furniture (desks, tables, chairs, dressers, beds, end tables, coffee tables and also more)FlooringDeckingCladdingDoorsSkirting and architraveOak-framed outbuilding structures (garages, pergolas, porches)

Pine, as we’ve established, is much more prone to damage, but can be still appropriate for plenty of projects — maybe those v a shorter lifespan, such together a child’s bedroom furniture, or a piece of furniture the you nothing mind reflecting plenty the use. Few of the most popular uses for pine include:

Children’s furnitureFurniture (especially for shorter-term usage or painting): desks, tables, beds, chairs and also more.

Oak vs Pine: which one is because that me?

Your an option of oak or pine may be a concern of budget. If you’re after a less expensive option or you room going to paint your furniture opt because that pine.

For centerpiece projects, or for furniture you desire to critical for countless years, oak is your best choice. Its herbal beauty and durability makes it a perennial favourite for any type of home furniture project. It has actually the winning combination of style and substance — undeniable an excellent looks and second-to-none strength.

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