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Unit 1: arrival to Handgun EducationTopic 1: Firearm security RulesTopic 2: The prestige of Handgun EducationTopic 3: Learning about Handgun UsesUnit 2: understand Your Handgun EquipmentTopic 1: What Is a Handgun?Topic 2: What Is Ammunition?Topic 3: Understanding typical Features that Handguns—Sights subject 4: Understanding usual Features the Handguns—Actions topic 5: Understanding typical Features that Handguns—Safeties object 6: Understanding common Features of Handguns—Magazines topic 7: using the correct AmmunitionTopic 8: knowing a Handgun"s RangeTopic 9: Cleaning your HandgunTopic 10: Storing her HandgunUnit 3: basic Handgun SkillsTopic 1: Developing an excellent Marksmanship and AccuracyTopic 2: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Fundamentals and also GripTopic 3: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Body PositionTopic 4: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—AimingTopic 5: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Breathing and Trigger SqueezeTopic 6: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Follow ThroughTopic 7: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—PracticingTopic 8: discovering Handgun-Shooting Techniques—SummaryTopic 9: utilizing Handguns in ~ the shoot RangeUnit 4: Handgun SafetyTopic 1: expertise Why safety and security Is ImportantTopic 2: safe Loading and Unloading HandgunsTopic 3: transporting HandgunsTopic 4: extr Safety PrecautionsTopic 5: Resolving conflicts Without ViolenceUnit 5: Handgun LawsTopic 1: Obeying Handgun LawsTopic 2: learning State and Local laws

The unload procedure also depends on the form of handgun.

For revolvers, you eliminate the fired cartridge instances using the extractor. An ejector stick is linked to the extractor. Advertise the ejector rod reasons the extractor to eliminate the fired situations from the cylinder chambers.

Unloading Single-Action Revolvers

Single-action revolvers are unloaded v a door on the appropriate side that the frame.

To unload a single-action revolver: point the muzzle in a for sure direction. Store your finger exterior the cause guard. Press the ejector rod. The fired instance is ejected the end of the chamber. Rotate the cylinder and also repeat this procedure for every chamber. Make certain the total is empty by visually check both the chamber and also the cylinder. If the pistol is cocked, uncock (decock) it. Hold the hammer v your thumb, traction the trigger, and also slowly reduced the hammer until it is in the uncocked position.

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Unloading Double-Action Revolvers

Double-action revolvers are unloaded by releasing the cylinder.

To unload a double-action revolver: allude the muzzle up and also in a safe direction. Save your finger external the trigger guard. Relax the cylinder latch to enable the cylinder come swing the end from the frame. Press the ejector stick downward, forcing the end the fired cases. Make sure the gun is north by visually checking both the chamber and the cylinder. If the gun is cocked, uncock (decock) it. Hold the hammer with your thumb, traction the trigger, and also slowly reduced the hammer until it is in the uncocked position.


extractorA an equipment to remove the fired cartridge situations from the room in revolvers or traction the empty instance clear of the barrel in semi-automatic pistols
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