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As it"s hard to get a critical answer online, might someone help me fill in the pieces about the "endings" of birth by Sleep and how come unlock castle in 2.5? I"m playing in traditional mode yet the parameters for all modes would it is in useful. For this reason far, to my understanding, us have:Final Episode ending movie
= unlocked through beating final EpisodeSecret movie (from original game)= ???Playable ending (from last mix)= ???Secret movie (from final mix)= ???Please protect against spoilers. Thanks!

Final Episode ending movie
= Secret movie (from original game)= unlocked by beating last EpisodePlayable ending (from final mix) = Secret movie (from final mix)= unlocked by beating final Episode + complete all 3 sticker albums with 140 points every + 9999 unversed trophy

From what i know, it"s choose this:1) beginning of the person ModeYou transaction 50% more damage come enemies. Opponents deal 50% less damage to you.Secret ending not accessible.2) conventional ModeYou deal normal damage to enemies. Adversaries deal normal damages to you.Must finish the final Episode and also the Reports section 100% come unlock the secret Ending. This way getting every commands, shotlocks, items, winning all the mini-games, every the Mirage Arena missions, simply get whatever 100%. With all 3 characters. That"s a many work, believe me. Ns tried that through Terra and it to be a pain.3) Proud ModeYou deal 50% less damages to enemies. Adversaries deal 50% an ext damage to you // opponents deal doubled damages to you.Must gain all Xehanort"s Reports and also beat the final Episode through all 3 characters to unlock the secret Ending. *hint* some Reports are in the Mirage Arena for part characters...4) vital Mode (my fav) - only available in the NA/EU and also Final Mix versions of BBS... I don"t recognize if in the 2.5 HD ReMIX version also o.oYou deal 50% less damage to enemies. Adversaries deal 50% an ext damage to you.The ability Zero EXP is accessible to activate in the beginning of the game. If friend activate it, you"ll gain no EXP by defeating enemies and also will stay at Level 1 forever. And also this method the video game will be both a difficulty and a test of endurance and also you will die a the majority of times. Ns personally love it >:"DYou begin the video game with 5 command slots.HP boosts from bonuses space halved. (like, the one you obtain from beating specific Arena missions...Must beat the last Episode to unlock the secret Ending v all 3 characters.I hope i got every little thing right :3 (are there any changes to these in the 2.5 HD ReMIX? ns don"t think so but didn"t shot 2.5 yet.. )I recommend you come play all 3 personalities on the same an obstacle Level. If, for example, friend play conventional as Ventus and Proud together Terra and Aqua, then you have to anyway complete the Reports section 100% through Ventus, besides gaining all Xehanort"s Reports for Terra and Aqua, to unlock the secret Ending.