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There are thousands of thousands of native in the English language, however many space obsolete (no much longer useful). When you search for any English indigenous on the Internet, friend can discover a definition, synonyms, and example sentences. Additionally, you can often discover how usual the word has actually been over the last few centuries. As soon as you look up albeit, you’ll see that the was really popular and common around 400 year ago, yet it went out of format for a long time. However, end the last few decades, the word has actually started to do a comeback!

It’s hard to speak why particular words autumn out of usage or end up being common again. Language is facility and always adapting through the times, however that’s a discussion for an additional day! because the the term has actually returned come the usual English lexicon (vocabulary), we are going to take it a closer look at the word and also its usage.

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So, what does albeit mean? exactly how do you pronounce it? What room some synonyms because that it? Finally, how deserve to you use it in your own speech and writing? We will certainly answer all of these questions and also more, yet first, let’s define the term:

What does that mean?

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In short, the ax simply way “although.” However, it is more limited in scope 보다 although. Both native and also non-native English speaker feel frustrated through this definition. It’s straightforward to say the the term means the same thing as “although,” yet it doesn’t really describe it. So, let’s try to find a an ext exact definition.

Albeit Definition

Conjunction – Although; offered to refer contradiction or to collection limitations on one action.

While this an interpretation may shed a little more light top top the subject, it still doesn’t offer you the totality picture. It also doesn’t define how the word differs indigenous although. We will talk about the specific differences in usage a small later on, yet first, let’s look at some other synonyms:

Albeit synonyms

Needless to say, the ideal synonym for the ax is “although.” However, it’s no the just one. Here’s a perform of that is most typical synonyms:

even though even if However however Notwithstanding

How to pronounce albeit

Next, stop look at how to express the word. Fortunately, albeit sound pretty much how it looks. The word has actually three syllables and sounds choose all-bee-it. However, when spoken quickly, the “L” sound can practically sound silent. Additionally, that does not have a hard “T” sound in ~ the end of the word. So, come the untrained ear, it can sound more like ah(l)-bee-ih(t).

How to usage Albeit

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Now let’s take a look at at one of the most facility aspects of the term. Human being often gain confused since albeit is essentially a much less versatile version of although. In any type of case, it is a conjunction the is most often used once someone desires to contradict or qualified an action. This can happen with or there is no an adverb, relying on the paper definition of the sentence. So, let’s look in ~ some examples with and without adverbs:

Contradict or qualified an action (with one adverb)

They are making progress on the project, albeit slowly. That passed the ball to his teammate, albeit poorly. The student gave her presentation, albeit hastily.


Contradict or qualified an activity (without an adverb)

He gained a passing grade, albeit a short one. We made that to course on time, albeit in ~ the last minute. She controlled to get out of bed, albeit with good difficulty.

As you have the right to see, the ax usually adheres to an independent clause and also introduces a dependent clause that adds inconsistent or qualifying information around the live independence clause. Though it’s an ext common to watch albeit followed by an adverb, it can be offered to present a clause that does no contain any type of adverbs. In any case, when offered in this way, words is always preceded by a comma.

Can I begin a sentence with albeit?

In short, yes, you can. However, it is less usual to use words this way. Stop look in ~ a few examples:

Albeit gradually, the old male rose native his armchair. Albeit gently, the father scolded his son. Albeit at a leisurely pace, the boy headed house for dinner.

As you can see, you have the right to use the word in much the same method when it’s at the start of the sentence. You merely switch the dependent and also independent clauses. Additionally, friend must readjust the comma placement. When albeit starts a sentence, the comma complies with the dependency clause. Here are the same sentences above with the term relocated to the second clause, wherein you would certainly usually discover it:

The old man rose from his armchair, albeit gradually, The dad scolded his son, albeit gently. The boy headed home for dinner, albeit at a leisurely pace.

Albeit vs. Although

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While “although” share the same meaning, the two terms space not always interchangeable. The former is used to present dependent (subordinate) clauses. However, when a low grade clause starts with albeit, although, even though, or even if, it is recognized as a concessive clause. A concessive clause introduces concepts that contradict or qualified the action of the main clause.

As previously mentioned, its consumption is limited when contrasted to although. Return — and also all the synonyms listed above — have the right to introduce an live independence clause, when albeit cannot. Below are a couple of examples:

CORRECT: He made decision to cheat on the test, although that knows the cheating is wrong. INCORRECT: He determined to cheat on the test, albeit that knows the cheating is wrong. CORRECT: I want to complete in the race, also if ns would most likely lose. INCORRECT: I want to compete in the race, albeit i would most likely lose. CORRECT: The company readjusted its banking system, even though the old system had been working simply fine. INCORRECT: The company changed its banking system, albeit the old system had actually been working just fun. CORRECT: She invited a hundred civilization to the party, back very couple of people were likely to display up. INCORRECT: She invite a hundred civilization to the party, albeit very few people were most likely to show up.


Albeit do its means back right into the English language ~ a long duration of being obsolete. While that is still considered a fairly formal word, you can still hear it in everyday English conversations. It’s among the finest ways come express contradictory concepts in a sentence. In short, learning the meaning of albeit and also understanding exactly how to usage it will help you improve your English speaking and writing skills! we hope you uncovered this guide useful! together always, for all points English conversation, grammar, or job-related, Speaking!