History >>Native Americans for KidsSocial structure played an important role in timeless Native American societies. Back there to be not created rules or facility governments, there to be a identified structure and also social standards that people were supposed to conform to if they want to it is in a component of society.

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Tribes and ClansAt the highest level were the people or nations. This were huge groups of world that had culture, geography, and also language in common.Within each tribe were smaller groups dubbed clans. The members of a clan generally shared a common ancestor and also were considered related come one another. Each clan had its own symbol or spirit that gave the clan the name. Numerous of the clan names were animals, however not every one of them. Instance clan names include Bear, Deer, Hawk, Snow, and also Water.Chiefs and LeadersThe leaders of the clans and tribes were called chiefs. These men were elected or chosen by the people. They usually did no have full power, however were respected males who detailed advice that the tribe or clan usually followed.Tribes may have both a civil leader and a battle leader. The civil leader guided the tribe during times of peace while the battle leader take it over throughout times the war.
Villages and FamiliesClans to be further split up right into villages and families. These teams played a much more important role in the day-to-day lives of the people. Huge extended family members often live together.Women and MenWomen and men had distinctly different roles in both the everyday work and also in leadership. The chiefs and also leaders were usually men, however, this go not average that the females were powerless. Their opinion to be respected and the women typically were the leaders inside the home.Rules and also PunishmentPunishment differed from tribe to tribe, however generally did no involve physics punishment. Civilization that committed crimes or went against the people were usually shamed and rebuked in front of the tribe. In too much cases, they to be expelled from the tribe.What was thought about valuable?Native american did not placed a most value into material items. Over there was small in the way of possessions and ownership. Civilization didn"t own land or collect money in the bank. Castle valued intangible things prefer respect, honor, and status.Interesting Facts around Native American society StructureEarly european settlers described the defect chiefs together "kings."Generosity and great deeds were much more respected 보다 wealth and also possessions.Clan membership was identified by the child"s mother in part tribes and by the child"s dad in various other tribes.In some tribes, the head that the clan to be a woman referred to as the "clan mother." The clan mom held little real power, however her opinion to be respected and listened come by all.Another important leader in indigenous American culture was the religious leader dubbed a medicine male or shaman.

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