The Chilean Antarctic Territory has an area of 1,250,257.6 km², i beg your pardon is 482,727.15 mi², therefore roughly fifty percent a million square miles. It covers the southern Shetland Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula known as O`higgins Land, and nearby islands, the Alexander Island, Charcot Island and pat that the Ellsworth Land, among others. Its borders were identified by the Chilean set of international Affairs´ decree 1747 , issued on November 6, 1940 and published in June 21, 1955.

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Becoming a lifelong learner learning a language opens up doors to a civilization of opportunity. Of course, in order come really advantage from your studies, you’ll need to do more than just complete assignments. You’ll need to set habits that will certainly tie you to spanish and also its societies even past the classroom. College student who become lifelong learner of spanish have actually some basic characteristics and also habits the you should develop if you desire to obtain the many from her experience finding out spanish. Lifelong learners: have actually friends with whom they on regular basis converse in the target language. (this can be friend in school, next-door neighbors or girlfriend in the community.) regularly obtain information indigenous target language resources (newspapers, magazines, net spanish related news group (with parent’s approval), tv programs, radio, etc. That are developed by and for native speakers.) participate in activities of the target society (celebrating holidays, see movies or dram of/in the target culture, preparing or eat dishes from the target culture, reading publications or magazines from the target culture, etc.) someone that has emerged these habits is top top the method to becoming a lifelong learner. These types of habits reinforce a solid connection to the language and society and build a love and far better understanding of that culture. Think for a minute about the resources available. Execute you have actually friends that are native spanish speakers? perform you ever before watch spanish networks on television? you have the right to probably think of number of online sources. Probably you have actually some shop or restaurants in your community that space owned or frequented by spanish speakers. Additionally think around when you could participate in spanish-related tasks on a continuous basis—remember the it’s setting the actions that will make the most difference. Utilizing the table listed below as a guideline, compose out a setup for starting brand-new habits. For the language or culture resources column, shot to identify three different resources: 1. A friend or contact 2. An information source, and also 3. A cultural activity. In the what i will perform column, define as especially as you deserve to what you will do. And in the when i will execute it column, write when you arrangement on doing this activities. View the sample listed below to see just how you can fill out your own table. You will have methods to monitor up and also report top top your continuous practice that engaging spanish resources close come home. You will certainly be request in a monitor up assignment come report on what you have actually done.
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Pretend the you are offering advice on healthy and balanced living come a friend. Write 5 sentences in spanish you believe your friend must do to have a healthy life. Pistas (hints): debes- you should hacer ejercicio- to exercise no debes- you shouldn"t mas- much more necesitas- you require menos- fewer or less