Season 0 illustration 14 - military Grill battle

The branches the the United says military constantly work with each other to safeguard the country, however there also is an intense competitive spirit among the divisions of the equipped forces. The Army, Navy and Marines move their rivalry to Kitchen Stadium and join pressures with three Iron Chefs in the ultimate armed forces Grill Battle. Steel Chefs Morimoto, Symon and Cora take trip to Hawaii whereby each will team with a well-seasoned cook from a different branch the the military. At the scenic and also historic maritime Base Hawaii at Kane"ohe just on the island that Oahu, the iron Chefs and their army cohorts must chef to impress a difficult panel that judges highlighting the usage of a world class grill and a bounty the Hawaiian ingredients in your culinary arsenal. Air day : 2nd-Jun-2012

Iron chief America - Season : 0

Season 0 episode 1 - battle of the Masters: Flay vs. Sakai

Theme : TroutIn a new Iron chief rivalry, Bobby Flay take away on stole Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai, who has actually won much more battles than any type of other steel Chef and will open up a brand-new restaurant in Hawaii this year. Air date : 23rd-Apr-2004Read More

Season 0 illustration 2 - battle of the Masters: Morimoto vs. Batali

Theme : Spiny lobsterIron chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto proves he is one Iron man by battling 2 of the American steel Chefs. In the an initial battle, the chef/owner of Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia encounters Mario Batali hold of Molto Mario and Ciao America ~ above Food Network. Air day : 30th-Apr-2004Read More

Season 0 illustration 3 - fight of the Masters: Morimoto vs. Puck

Theme : EggsThe competition continues with Morimoto agree the difficulty from Wolfgang Puck. Puck, the original celebrity chef, is hold of Wolfgang Puck"s Cooking course on Food Network. Can Morimoto make it through an extraordinary two war in a row? Air date : 7th-May-2004Read More

Season 0 episode 4 - battle of the Masters: Morimoto/Flay vs. Sakai/Batali

Theme : fruits de Mer (Scallops, Langostine, and Sea Urchin)Iron cook Japanese Masaharu Morimoto joins pressures with Bobby Flay to take on iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai and also Mario Batali in a tag-team seafood showdown. Judges include Ted Allen (“Queer Eye because that the straight Guy”) and James Michael Tyler (“Friends”). Air date : 14th-May-2004Read More

Season 0 illustration 5 - The make Of

Viewers will get an exciting look behind-the-scenes throughout the taping of stole Chef America and also witness what every the chefs go with from plan to ready to the last showdown! Air date : 31st-May-2004Read More

Season 0 episode 6 - keys of Kitchen stadium

Countdown the best secrets that Kitchen stadium for an unmatched look behind the scenes of iron Chef America. Air date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Season 0 illustration 7 - Thankgiving battle

Air date : 18th-Nov-2007Read More

Season 0 episode 8 - All-Star holiday Dessert battle Cora & Deen vs Irvine & Florence

In one more All-Star cooking showdown, the Chairman has actually invited Paula Deen to companion up v Iron chief Cat Cora and compete versus Food Network"s own Tyler Florence and also Robert Irvine. Air date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Season 0 illustration 9 - Cora vs Symon Holiday fight

As a special holiday treat, the Chairman has pitted 2 of his iron Chefs versus one-another. Stole Chef Cat Cora take away on the newest steel Chef Michael Symon in a heated holiday battle. Air date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Season 0 episode 10 - Sparkling wine Holiday fight

It"s the vacation season, and also the Chairman is celebrating v a festive battle. That welcomes chef Mike Lata that FIG (Food Is Good) restaurant in Charleston, SC to get in Kitchen Stadium and also take on steel Chef Jose Garces. Will certainly Chef Lata"s Food be great enough to topple the towering stole Chef Garces? song in to see whose cook reigns supreme! Air day : 5th-Dec-2010Read More

Season 0 episode 11 - Thanksgiving Flay/Symon vs. Garces/Forgione battle

Two teams of stole Chefs confront off in this Thanksgiving fight -- stole Chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon versus Iron Chefs Jose Garces and also Marc Forgione. Judges are Karine Bakhoum, Henry Winkler and Cady Huffman. Air date : 13th-Nov-2011Read More

Season 0 episode 12 - Morimoto vs. Symon Holiday battle

Two iron Chefs confront off in this Holiday fight -- Masaharu Morimoto and Michael Symon. Judges space Candice Kumai, knife Wente and Donatella Air day : 4th-Dec-2011Read More

Season 0 episode 13 - Tailgate Showdown

Iron Chefs Morimoto and also Symon travel to Hawaii for the very first ever steel Chef America tailgating showdown. Air day : 28th-Jan-2012Read More

Season 0 episode 14 - military Grill fight

The branches the the United states military always work with each other to defend the country, but there also is an extreme competitive spirit amongst the divisions of the armed forces. The Army, Navy and Marines move their rivalry to Kitchen Stadium and also join forces with 3 Iron Chefs in the ultimate armed forces Grill Battle. Iron Chefs Morimoto, Symon and also Cora take trip to Hawaii whereby each will certainly team with a well-seasoned chef from a various branch the the military. In ~ the scenic and historic marine Base Hawaii in ~ Kane"ohe only on the island the Oahu, the steel Chefs and also their army cohorts must cook to impress a challenging panel the judges highlighting the consumption of a people class grill and also a bounty that Hawaiian ingredient in your culinary arsenal. Air date : 2nd-Jun-2012Read More

Season 0 illustration 15 - Thanksgiving Showdown

Team stole Chef America (Iron Chefs Michael Symon, Marc Forgione and Geoffrey Zakarian) take away on Team Chopped (Chefs Aaron Sanchez, Scott Conant and also Marc Murphy) in this Thanksgiving Showdown. The Judges space Anthony Anderson, Donatella Arpaia, Simon Majumdar and Hal Rubenstein. Air day : 11th-Nov-2012Read More

Season 0 episode 16 - Holiday battle

In this holiday battle, three chefs representing Food Network, iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Robert Irvine and also Ted Allen, go head-to-head versus three chefs representing food preparation Channel, stole Chef Michael Symon, Nadia G. And Ben Sargent. The judges for this Food Network vs. Cooking Channel fight are Anthony Anderson, Aaron Sanchez and Bobby Flay. Read much more at: Air date : 2nd-Dec-2012Read More

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