If you clock the trailer for Dream House (2011), you’ll notice that the film to be marketed as a horror movie. Initially, at least for the very first 20-30 minutes, it has actually serious Amityville Horror vibes. In ~ first, the story feel familiar. A family members moves right into a residence where a grisly murder occurred, or so that seems. However Dream House is a movie with several plot twists, some an ext subtle 보다 others. If friend pay attention from the start, you will certainly realize that the ending, for better or worse, made sense all along.

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The “Atenton” Family Meets a Dream House

We’re initially led to believe that Daniel Craig plays will certainly Atenton, a writer that quits his job at APH publishing company to spend much more time v his family and also concentrate on his writing, especially a novel. He reportedly relocates v his wife and kids to a suburban brand-new England town. Yet, indigenous the start, there are clues that the story doesn’t quite add up. One of his co-workers says, “I didn’t know you had actually a family.”

When will certainly takes the train indigenous the city and arrives at the house, it appears perfect, a prize of the middle-class dream. Dusted through snow, it could be featured on a Christmas map or in a Hallmark movie. Further, Will and also his wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz), show up blissfully happy. They kiss top top the porch once Will arrives and tells her the he quit his job. Even their 2 daughters action content. Still, yes something strange about the means that will lingers external of the house, researching it, before heading inside.

Additional clues key us in that not everything is in ~ it seems. Because that instance, Will and also Libby find height markings etched right into one that the doorways, indicating that two kids lived in the home prior. Come add, the neighbors, particularly Naomi Watts’ Ann Patterson, and also her ex-husband, Jack (Marton Csokas), plot strangely in the direction of Will.

The uncanny events worsen as soon as the girls claim to watch a male staring at them outside and also Will discovers footprints near the window. Not much later, he finds teenagers hanging the end in the basement. One of them says, “I didn’t recognize anyone lived here,” while one more adds, “He’s back.” this numerous ideas indicate the Will simply may be who else.

Will Atenton or Peter Ward?

As the film progresses, will certainly becomes obsessed with the house’s ghastly history. He’s convinced a mother and also her two daughters passed away at the hand of Peter Ward, the father and husband. He learns that Ward lives at a adjacent psychiatric hospital, so, of course, he desires to visit him because that answers. This leader to added indicators that will isn’t well, Will. A nurse asks to view his release forms. A minute later, he access time Peter’s room and also discovers a framed snapshot of Libby and the girls. Through this point, it’s clean that will is indeed Peter.

This is confirmed after Ann invites Will/Peter inside of she home and explains what happened concerning the murders. She’s unconvinced that Will/Peter eliminated his family. After he takes a bath at her place and also does his laundry, she hand him a map for his vault psychiatrist. Will/Peter returns to the hospital and also his doctor, Dr. Greeley (Jane Alexander), confirms that he is undoubtedly Peter Ward and also she couldn’t store him due to the fact that she didn’t have enough evidence pinning him come the murder. She doesn’t also seem totally convinced the he did it.

Earlier clues pointed come this. Specifically, Peter realizes that the heights etched into the doorway match the heights the his daughters, and also in one scene, as he’s leaving the psychological hospital, he sees every one of his APH co-workers. The unclear if they’re his actual co-workers or other patients he knew indigenous his time in the hospital.

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Who Actually eliminated Libby and also the Girls?

The closing minute clarify the Jack hired a criminal to harm Peter. The not totally clear why he wanted to execute this, however in the process, presented through a flashback, the gunman eliminated Libby and the girl instead. During this flashback, Libby do the efforts to protect her family members by grabbing the assassin’s gun, and she shoots Peter in the head accidentally, just as he come home and also rushes inside in a feeble attempt to conserve his family. This injury might explain the fantasy episodes he has in which he imagines his murdered family still alive in the home.

The fantasy shatters when we view actual photos of the house condemned, v boarded up, busted windows and graffiti scrawled everywhere. A cop also informs Peter the he can’t remain there anymore. Further, Ann tells him numerous times the he must move on before revisiting the house drives the crazy. The house, then, i do not care a metaphor for Peter’s grief and also helplessness to save Libby and also his daughters.

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This tho begs the inquiry why Jack would want to murder Peter or his family. As soon as he returns at the end of the film to end up the job and kidnap Ann, he speak her that she destroyed his life. Possibly she and also Peter had an affair. She does look longingly in ~ him at an early stage in the film when she realizes he’s went back to the house. And also when she mirrors up to carry him food, Libby’s ghost, if you desire to call her that, looks at her suspiciously, as if she to know something’s up. Regardless, Jack feels burned by his ex-wife, that he insurance claims took everything from him, including his house, his kids, and his finances. Maybe, he is just one more angry white male who feel wronged through a woman.