North Amercian release Date: November 1, 2005.

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Region(s) Released: north America, EuropeHigh an interpretation Resolutions Supported: 480pWidescreen sustained (16:9): YesSystem connect Support: YesAverage in its entirety Score:8.20 / 1082.0%
In gaming, there are couple of exercises quite as thrilling as mowing under a team of stormtroopers v Luke Skywalker and also his trademark environment-friendly light saber. Hell, video clip games might as well have been designed for the clear purpose of letting united state realize our Jedi fantasies past swinging around a flashlight in the privacy, and mystery shame, that our own homes. What"s really impressive is the so few games baring the Star battles license have actually been precious playing, offered the objective of video clip games is to let me play as a Jedi and chop dudes" arms off, inexplicably no cauterizing the wound, and to to convince girls the they do without doubt want to come residence with me."read much more


Star battles Battlefront II boosts upon the original game’s single-player endure with open-ended, mission-based objectives influenced from all six Star wars films. The compelling storyline spans much more than 12 new locations, many from episode III, consisting of volcanic Mustafar and also the space battle above Coruscant. All-new classic movie moments finish the Star wars Battlefront II experience, as you fight within the inner of the fatality Star and also visit Princess Leia’s blockade runner, the Tantive IV, as seen at the beginning of illustration IV A new Hope. In addition, at certain key moments within the battles, you deserve to feel the pressure as a Jedi.
Overall User Average: 8.50 / 10
(82.0%)Gameplay User Average: 9.00 / 10Graphics User Average: 8.00 / 10Sound User Average: 8.50 / 10
Battlefront ns was among the cooler Star Wars gamings I"ve played, Battlefront II resolved a many of concerns that Battlefront ns had. Overall, I would probably contact this Battlefront 1.5.Gameplay: compared to the very first game, there space some an excellent improvements over the original. The gameplay tho feels the same, yet you do get to pilot fighters and control guns on capital ships indigenous a remote manage room. (That method is new and one that ns really enjoy.)The campaign for BF2 is likewise many times far better than the original. Not only do girlfriend do famed battles as viewed in the movies, you do them within a story which makes the totality experience a lot an ext meaningful than the original.Multiplayer wise, they might have boosted the net code a bit... There room still lags yet for the most part, less than the an initial battlefront.Graphics: Visually the game is great. It"s not as clear as Halo and some that the newer gamings out, yet it"s on par because that having an excellent graphics because that being one of the SW based games.Sound: The sounds space all ripped indigenous the movies so they space pretty much accurate come the environment. As soon as you beat this game, you will feel together if you room there in the SW universe.Suggestions: v the 360 launch therefore close, one emulator might have been put out to make this game compatible with the 360. Investigating alternating network code can also help improve the video game as certain laggy experiences room killing the fun. Why not ask Bungie to try their net code? simply a thought.Overall: 80 %Gameplay: 90 %Graphics: 80 %Sound: 90 %
Not much to say here, if you prefer Star battles or the first game in ~ all, girlfriend will most likely like this game, if not look in other places for your activity needs. With more heroes, an ext ships, more maps, much more everything, there"s a great amount to execute here.Gameplay: through some an excellent things native the first, and some new things (space battles, playable heroes/villians) and also more, over there is alot come see and also do. Multiplayer is the heart of this one, but playing v to acquire a optimal rank and also unlock part bonuses provides it worth replaying a bit.Graphics: While not the finest looking video game on Xbox, it has actually a little bit up on the very first title, and also some that the heroes/villians look pretty cool. Add to the new levels have actually some quite rocking looks too.Sound: all the sound effects, music, automobile noise and explosions room here...not sure if the really actors/extras native the movies lent their talents because that this one or not, but with all the frenzied action, you might not notice.Suggestions: I"m not certain if ns would contact this one a complete blown sequel, as opposed to an upgrade to a good game. Once again, the multiplayer is what makes this one worth playing. The brand-new medal and also rank device to unlock bonuses is pretty an excellent though. Don"t know where you would certainly go from right here to improve this collection though.Overall: 90 %Gameplay: 90 %Graphics: 80 %Sound: 80 %

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