XeF4 is the an initial discovered binary compound of a noble gas.When xenon (Xe) undergoes a chemistry reaction through fluorine (F2), XeF4 is produced.It"s chemistry or additionally called IUPAC surname is Xenon tetrafluoride.

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Xe +2 F2→XeF4

This reaction produces a high lot of warm at the moment offormation and also so it has actually been categorized together an exothermic reaction where nearabout 251KJ/mol power releases per reaction.


Xenon tetrafluoride is a white crystalline hard in appearancehas thickness 4.040 g/cm3, molar mass 207.283 g/mol, and melting point 117°C.

It is soluble in water and hydrolyses at low temperature toform different compounds like xenon, oxygen, xenon trioxide (XeO3), and also hydrofluoric acid (HF).

In this article, we are going come know around the polarity of XeF4 meanswhether that is a polar or nonpolar molecule in complete detail. But prior to that, letshave some ideas about what polar and nonpolar molecule are:

Polar Molecules

Polar molecules space those molecules that have actually a net dipolemoment and also this is possible only if there is an electronegativity differencebetween the associated atoms and also asymmetrical geometry so that the induceddipole charges perform not cancel every other.

There are somecertain problems for the molecule to be polar i.e. Have asymmetrical structure,presence of lone pair of electrons or electronegativity distinction betweencentral atom to bonded atoms.

Polar molecules have actually polar covalent bonds or ionic bonds.They room soluble in water (called hydrophilic) and also other polar solvents like hydrochloric acid(HCl), ammonia (NH3), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)sulfur dioxide (SO2), etc.

Nonpolar Molecules

Nonpolar molecules are thought about as pure covalent link becauseit forms by equal sharing that electrons between the atom in a compound and also thisis what covalent link is recognized for.

One more case for the nonpolar molecule if the moleculeshave symmetrical framework so that the induced partial fees on the individualatoms nullify every other and also the net dipole moment becomes zero.

As these room a pure covalent bond so they room insoluble inwater (called hydrophobic) and other polar solvents but are dissolve in nonpolarsolvents prefer carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), carbon dioxide (CO2), benzene (C6H6)etc.

Now, Is XeF4 polar or nonpolar? XeF4 is a nonpolarmolecule in spite of four separation, personal, instance Xe-F bonds room polar. This isbecause XeF4 has actually an octahedral symmetric geometry. The polarity induced on four Xe-F bonds are cancel each other and also the network dipole moment becomes zero.

Why is XeF4 a nonpolar molecule?

As we have currently known over there are specific conditions for amolecule to it is in polar or nonpolar in the over definitions the a polar molecule andnonpolar molecule. The exact same things use here which provides XeF4 a molecule.


In XeF4, over there are 4 fluorine atoms room bonded through a central xenon atom. Also, there are two lone pair of nonbonding electron arelocalized on the main Xe atom.

The Xe-F bonds space polar together the electronegativity differencebetween xenon (2.6) and fluorine (4.0) is 1.4. However we recognize molecular polarityis a vector quantity which means net polarity is the vector amount of individualbond dipoles.

According come the VSEPR theory, MX4E2 structured haveoctagonal electronic geometry which renders XeF4 molecule geometry square planari.e. The angle in between F-Xe-F is 90°(Symmetrical).

The molecule is symmetry so that all the Xe-F bonddipoles room opposing every other, as a result, the net dipole charge becomes zero.

But as displayed in the above diagram, there space still 2 pairs ofnon-bonding electrons that are presence on the main Xe atom which room aligned in ~ 180°so that their impacts are likewise nullified. And there is not any kind of dipole chargepresence top top the molecule which renders XeF4 a nonpolar molecule.

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XeF4 Polar or Nonpolar (Based on polarity determiningfactors)

These are some of the major factors which are used to recognize the polarity of the compounds:

Electronegativity difference

Electronegativity is a kind of pressure exerted by atom on theirbonding partners at the moment of bond formation. All the atoms have actually their ownelectronegativity value which different from atom come atom. Part have higher EN value andsome have lower EN value.

The atom having higher electronegativity value lure theelectrons pair native the bonding partners. That means higher the electronegativitydifference in between atoms, the much more uneven share of electron takes place. In theperiodic table, the fluorine (F) atom has actually the highest possible electronegativity value of 4.0, andfrancium (Fr) has the lowest 0.7.

In the XeF4 compound, the electronegativity difference between fluorine(4.0) and Xe (2.6) is 4.0-2.6= 1.4 which reflects the Xe-F link is polar according tothe Pauli scale.

Molecular geometry

The central atom of XeF4 (Xe) has actually a complete of 12 electronslocalized in the kind of 8 as Xe-F bonding and also 4 as non-bonding pairs. So, wehave one MX4E2 framework which is according to VSEPR theory, an octahedralelectronic geometry means it has square planar molecule geometry.


And because of the symmetrical structure, the polarity that the Xe-F link cancel each other and no dipole fee induced top top the molecule.

Dipole moment

The dipole minute is defined as the assets of induced chargeand street of separation in between the atoms. The is given as,

Dipole moment = fee (Q) * street of separation (d)

Its unit is Debye and denoted through ‘D’. 1D = 3.33564*10-30 C.m,where C is Coulomb and m is meter.

The dipole moment is the major aspect for any type of compound to bepolar or nonpolar. Every the polar molecules have a net dipole moment and allnonpolar have actually zero dipole moment.

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XeF4 is a nonpolar molecule so that its dipole moment is 0D(Zero).

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