This publication has been reviewed by emphasis on the Family’s marriage and also parenting magazine. That is the very first book in the “Land that Stories” series.

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Alex Bailey, a bright and inquisitive student, can not be an ext excited to compose an essay around the great learned native a traditional fairy tale. Her pair brother, Conner, is much less than enthusiastic. That doesn’t have his sister’s love of school, yet he is able come make and also keep friends far better than she can.

As they comment on their homework ~ above the walk from school, they check out that their old house has actually been sold, reminding castle of the death of their father the vault year, a couple of days before their 11th birthday. Due to the fact that then they’ve had actually to relocate to a much smaller home, and their mommy has had actually to work dual shifts together a nurse in order to make ends meet. Once she’s required to job-related on the twins’ 12th birthday, she invites their grandmother end to help them celebrate.

Grandma offers the twins number of gifts, however the many special is the storybook she provided to review to them when they to be younger, The soil of Stories. The night, together Alex peruses the pictures, she wishes she might live in a fairy-tale civilization like the one discovered in the book. She is awakened by a humming noise the fills she room and is stunned to watch that the book is glowing.

Over the next few days, Alex keeps the book’s actions a secret, however experiments with it. As soon as she drops small items, such together pencils and also dirty socks, ~ above a picture, castle disappear right into the book. She ultimately admits to Conner the she think the book may it is in some type of portal to one more world.

Conner urges she to get rid of the book, however Alex is reluctant. He suspects she might want to escape right into the book. As soon as he surprises her experimenting with just how much she have the right to put her hand inside the pages, she accidently falls through to another world. Conner jumps in ~ her and also the two finish up inside The land of Stories.

The children come ~ above a man with a frog’s head and also green skin. The biology speaks their language and is friendly. He invites the kids to his house to store them safe from the wolf prowling the woods. Froggy, as Conner names him, admits he to be cursed a lengthy time ago. He explains that they are in the Dwarf Forests, a attention place complete of criminals.

He shows them a map that the other kingdoms in his world, which room named, and also ruled by, miscellaneous fairy-tale characters. He also tells them that the evil Queen, who had actually tried to kill Snow White, has actually escaped indigenous prison. Nobody knows what she’ll do, but he advises the children to it is in careful.

Finally, Froggy explains to them around the Wishing Spell. The came throughout it in a journal of a guy from the Charming Kingdom that wished to be reunited with a woman from one more world. The man collected the items needed to carry out the spell, yet the journal ended after he uncovered the critical one. The newspaper is an alleged to carry out the kids with details as to where every item is hidden. This spell might assist them go home.

The following morning they set out to find the ingredient to the Wishing Spell. Conner desires to follow the journal and also get the end as soon as possible, however Alex desires to execute some sight-seeing. Lock barely to escape being consumed by a witch in a gingerbread house, and also then fulfill Goldilocks together she battles large, talk wolves. She provides the twins a silver- dagger because that their help in the fight.

The youngsters travel come Rapunzel’s tower wherein they ultimately read the journal Froggy offered them. ~ explaining just how he concerned buy it, the writer gives a series of riddles that should be fixed in order to attain the items necessary for the spell. One of them is a lock that Rapunzel’s hair. Conner find one in the floorboards. He closely wraps it in organization to conserve it.

Meanwhile, the evil Queen enlists the aid of the Huntsman and his daughter to retrieve the ingredients because that the Wishing spell herself. She vow to take treatment of Alex and Conner as soon as she learns from she Magic mirror that they additionally want to usage the spell. This spell can only be used one much more time.

The children manage to gain inside Cinderella’s castle and are cure to a tourism by one of her guards. They get in the queen’s distinct room where she keeps few of her treasures, including her glass slippers. Cinderella is additionally in the room. She explains the room’s materials to the children, also letting them host one of she slippers. The youngsters need a slipper because that the Wishing Spell, but decide come come earlier for it as she and the guard have actually been for this reason nice. Later, together they journey in a wagon come Red riding Hood Kingdom, Alex mysteriously finds one of the glass slippers in she bag.

Alex and Conner jump end the wall surface to Red riding Hood Kingdom and land safely in a haystack. They satisfy Jack, the beanstalk fame, and also follow him to Red talk Hood’s castle. She is in love through Jack, however his love belongs to who else.

That night, the children sneak earlier into the lock to steal a item of Red’s basket. Someone else takes a piece of the basket first, and then to adjust the room on fire. Alex and Conner proper escape.

They come ~ above Jack in a clandestine meeting with Goldilocks. The is evident the two are in love however can’t be together because Goldilocks has actually been named an outlaw and also Jack is still thought about a hero.

The Troll and Goblin kings take Alex and Conner together their prisoners. A troll princess provides to totally free them if Conner will certainly kiss her, which that does. When out of their cell, Alex imprisons the troll princess and sets the other inmates free. Together they escape, Conner manages to steal the kings’ shared crown, an additional of the ingredient they require for the Wishing Spell.

Soon ~ this, they uncover a crying fairy and also capture among her tears to use for the spell. In the sleeping Kingdom they find out that the kingdom is falling into disrepair because the people can’t it seems to be ~ to wake up, also though their curse to be broken. Queen sleeping Beauty is a kind ruler who desperately wants to help her subjects’ lead normal lives again. Conner says to the queen the she carry out them with rubber bands to location on your wrists so they deserve to snap them before they fall asleep. She is thankful and also agrees to let the youngsters borrow she spindle for the Wishing Spell.

Alex and Conner take trip to the northern Kingdom and also speak v its ruler, eye White. Lock tell her they require a jewel from she coffin. Regrettably it no longer rests in the kingdom. She offered it to the Dwarves, who save it in your mines. She advises them that if the angry Queen is after ~ the very same items, she will stop at nothing to retrieve all the items for the spell.

As the kids travel come the Dwarf Mines, they room shocked to check out the Curvy Tree. They thought their dad had made up the story around the tree, but seeing it, they realize he must have been indigenous the floor of Stories. In the mines, the children find snow White’s coffin and also pry a jewel from it. The large Bad wolf pack, i beg your pardon is functioning for the evil Queen, find them.

Using a mine cart, the pair hurtle down the tracks, which leader to a dead end. The cart flies through a wall of rock, and they uncover themselves exterior of the mountain. Unfortunately, the same trolls who’d caught them earlier, assault them. The trolls setup on taking them ago to their kingdom to was standing trial for stealing the kings’ crown. Alex breaks Cinderella’s glass slipper and also uses a shard to cut through your bonds. The huge Bad wolf pack assault the trolls. When the trolls and wolves room busy, the kids escape through jumping turn off a cliff into Mermaid Bay.

The Sea Foam Spirit, the rejuvenated heart of the little Mermaid, saves them. She describes that she offered her dagger, an additional item because that the spell, to the male who composed the journal. He was supposed to destroy it however instead threw it into the Thornbush Pit, a attention place. The Spirit provides them necklaces to wear therefore the thorns won’t hurt them when they search for the dagger. The shells work-related as promised, and the twins are able to discover the last item.

A branch rips Conner’s shell off that him together he climbs the end of the pit. The falls. Once it shatters, Alex’s shatters, too. The thorns and also vines strike the children, dragging them earlier into the pit. Your old friend, Froggy, happens to be adjacent and manages to traction them out at the last minute.

Although the kids want to rally the items because that the Wishing spell immediately, lock agree to go v Froggy to watch the Fairy Godmother. She promised to turn Froggy ago into a human if he does. Prior to they can leave, Goldilocks rides in v Queen Red speak Hood in tow.

Goldilocks has actually learned native the angry Queen that it was Red who set her up all those years ago. Red composed a note, pretending to it is in Jack, questioning her to meet him in the bears’ cottage. Red had hoped Goldilocks would certainly leave prior to the bears went back home, heartbroken and mad that Jack never ever came. The bear accused Goldilocks that theft, and also she’s to be on the run ever before since. Goldilocks desires to litter Red talk Hood into the Thornbush Pit as her revenge for never telling the kingdoms the truth.

The entirety group is attacked by the huge Bad wolf pack. The Huntsman’s daughter take away Red riding Hood, and the large Bad Wolf pack takes Goldilocks and the pair to the evil Queen. Just Froggy escapes and runs for help.

The angry Queen areas all the objects vital for the Wishing assignment on a table together Conner, Alex, Goldilocks and also Red riding Hood space tied to chairs. Prior to the Queen deserve to drop the fairy’s tear top top the items, Conner manages to knock that from she hands. It breaks, and also the tear is lost.

The Magic winter tells them that Froggy is leading Jack and also an military to attack the castle. Yes sir not enough time to get one more fairy tear. The Queen assignment Goldilocks and also Red riding Hood to be put into cells, and also then she speak the twins she story.

Her mother passed away in childbirth, and also loving parents elevated her. She dropped in love v a boy named Mira who wrote she poetry. Castle planned on marrying, however an evil Enchantress took she prisoner. The Enchantress placed a curse ~ above Mira so he to be encased inside a mirror.

The evil Queen eventually learned a curse that killed the Enchantress, yet she could never complimentary Mira. Fearing she heart would certainly break, she uncovered a mrs who might turn her heart to stone. She then collection about marrying the king of the north Kingdom hope that together queen she would certainly have sufficient power to complimentary Mira.

As the year went by, Mira forgot whom she was, even though she tried whatever she could to look prefer the woman with whom he’d once fallen in love. Her subjects, not learning her history, assumed she to be vain. She stepdaughter, eye White, became the object of Mira’s affection, control the evil Queen into a jealousy rage. She believed Mira would certainly remember her again if eye White were dead, but it was as well late; Mira had actually forgotten her.

The pair are moved by the story and try to convince the evil Queen that she deserve to go ago to being the type girl, Evly, she had actually once been. Alex sheds a tear that drops onto the items on the table. They begin to glow. The glow surrounding the queen, and she wishes because that Mira to be released. Tragically, Mira dies as soon as he leaves the mirror.

Froggy, Jack and also Snow White’s army attack the castle. Froggy seeks to rescue Red speak Hood and the twins while Jack make the efforts to totally free Goldilocks. That accidently death the Huntsman. The Huntsman’s daughter stabs Jack in retaliation. She and also Goldilocks fight, however the Huntress escapes. Froggy saves Red talk Hood just prior to the leader the the wolf is about to eat her. She kisses him because that his heroism. Froggy then conserves the twins as the army destroys the castle.

The Magic Mirror falls onto Evly and Mira, swallowing castle inside prior to shattering ~ above the ground. Alex picks up the pieces of the Wishing Spell, together with the angry Queen’s rock heart, and also escapes the castle through the others. Even Goldilocks manages come escape v the aid of Froggy.

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Although pardoned by Red speak Hood for her crimes, Goldilocks is taken sinner by eye White’s army for her crimes in the northern Kingdom. Red speak Hood helps she escape and also is emotionally crushed once Jack insists ~ above living as a fugitive v Goldilocks. Froggy counsels Red to move on and try and end up being a far better queen.

Snow White confesses come the twins that she assisted the evil Queen escape after ~ she learned she stepmother’s true story. Froggy assures to help the kids find another means home, however first, they space all invited to fulfill Cinderella’s brand-new baby girl. In the Charming Kingdom, Cinderella’s fairy Godmother insists on meeting the twins.

They are shocked to find that she is your grandmother. She defines how she pertained to live in both worlds and that their father was the man who composed the journal. They room the first children come come from both worlds.

Grandma releases Froggy indigenous his curse, and also he is rejoined with his brothers, all the King Charmings. Red riding Hood is thrilled with the believed that the long-lost Prince Charlie Charming conserved her life. Grandma opens a doorway for the pair to return home, but Alex has actually the emotion they will certainly come back one day.