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This page includes The Legend that Zelda: Phantom Hourglass cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Currently we have 13 cheat in our list, which contains 3 cheat codes, 10 unlockables. Us hope details that you"ll discover at this page assist you in playing The Legend the Zelda: Phantom Hourglass ~ above Nintendo DS platform. If you didn"t find needed cheats put request or questioning question about this in ~ special section of the game. Additionally you can subscribe top top all new cheats the we"ll uncover for girlfriend in the future!

NOTE: The following codes work-related only when provided with anAction Replay device. This codes will NOT work-related without thisdevice.Game ID: AZEE-5900daf3Max / unlimited Rupees121ba4fe 0000270fLINK jump CODES:Press up to slow-moving Jump94000130 ffbf0000620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 0000000010000bd0 0000fe00d2000000 00000000Tap as much as Jump94000130 ffbf0000620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 0000000010000bd0 0000f000d2000000 00000000Tap approximately Super Jump94000130 ffbf0000620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 0000000010000bd0 00009000d2000000 00000000LINK INVINCIBILITY CODES:Invincible Ghost Link620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 000000002000039c 000000ffd2000000 00000000Invincible Link620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 000000002000039c 00000020d2000000 00000000LINK wellness CODES:Infinite / Max Health620ee3ec 00000000221ba348 00000050b20ee3ec 000000002000039e 00000050d2000000 00000000Infinite Health620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 000000002000039e 00000050d2000000 00000000BOAT CODES:2x Speed920eec6a 00000000620ee4b4 00000000b20ee4b4 00000000dc000000 f7fff5b418000000 00000340d2000000 00000000Infinite / Max Healtha20e9c1a 00000000620ee4b4 00000000221ba34c 00000050b20ee4b4 00000000dc000000 f7fff54628000000 00000050d2000000 00000000WEAPON CODES:Have Sword, Shield, Bow & Bomb Bag (SELECT+L)94000130 fdfb0000620ee3ec 00000000221ba604 000000b3221ba678 00000001d2000000 00000000USE prior to OBTAINING BOOMERANG ONLYHave weapons & item (SELECT+L then save)94000130 fdfb0000620ee3ec 00000000021ba604 207007ff221ba678 00000001d2000000 00000000USE ~ OBTAINING BOOMERANG ONLYArrow volume Upgraded620ee3ec 00000000221ba590 00000002d2000000 00000000Bomb volume Upgraded620ee3ec 00000000221ba592 00000002d2000000 00000000Bombchu volume Upgraded620ee3ec 00000000221ba594 00000002d2000000 00000000INVISIBLE connect CODES:Invisible attach (Press L+R+UP)94000130 fcbf0000620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 00000000200003a5 00000000d2000000 00000000Visible link (Press L+R+DOWN)94000130 fc7f0000620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 00000000200003a5 00000001d2000000 00000000LINK RUN rate CODES:1/2 Speed620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 0000000020000b69 00000004d2000000 000000002x Speed620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec 0000000020000b69 00000010d2000000 000000002 1/2x Speed620ee3ec 00000000b20ee3ec...