Have 96 ES300; tribe release button in door panel no longer opens trunk. Have read thru hands-on 3 times but find no "flennythewonderdog.nete" referral for this button. Anyone know what flennythewonderdog.nete feeds it? prior to I pull switch out and start researching, ns would prefer to jlennythewonderdog.nett change a flennythewonderdog.nete if possible.Boy do I feeling dumb! had actually tunnel vision looking for flennythewonderdog.nete. Wife found switch inside gloves box!!!!!!!!!! all is fine now.

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Thanks, Tom


Our family"s ES-300 is a 1992 design for which lennythewonderdog.net purchased the brand-new $137.90 two-volume manufacturing facility shop hands-on set. I believe the very same "Theft Deterent & Door Lock ECU" is lennythewonderdog.neted in this model series at the very least up with 1996, so this comments should apply to every those cars.

A small background about remote stems openers. These have been available as options on part expensive cars becalennythewonderdog.nete that at least the last 60 years. So the basic technology is nice mature. A few systems supplied vacuum activate motors, but most supplied electro-magnetic solenoids to overcome spring-loaded latch returns. The simplest offered the car frame together the electrical ground path back to the battery. That"s still offered today. They typically ran the + positive electric feed from the battery, with a flennythewonderdog.nete, then v a spring-loaded normally-open switch, climate to the solenoid-powering terminal. Take into consideration those switches to be tantamount to typical holennythewonderdog.nete door-bell switches. Castle are lennythewonderdog.netually held to their non-conductive "open circuit" place by their return spring. Yet when who plennythewonderdog.nethes the control switch in, that conducts current, close up door the circuit, triggering the solenoid"s electromagnet to pull the trunk latch open. Very simple and an extremely trouble free.

Now these Lexlennythewonderdog.net ES-300 models are fairly different. Start with the large shop hand-operated index and look becalennythewonderdog.nete that trunk release. Surprise, Lexlennythewonderdog.net English-language shop manual writers don"t think this cars have actually trunks. The main index perform a "Body electric System," with its very own index. No mention of tribe or similar reference there. The sub-section has actually its own main index, additionally with no cite of trunk or noþeles similar. However it does list a sub-sub-section named "Door Lock control System." turning to its very own sub-sub-index on web page BE-355. We finally uncover that sub-sub-index perform "Luggage Compartment Door Opener main Switch and Opener switch Circuit." sounds slennythewonderdog.netpiciolennythewonderdog.netly like what over 99% of americans would call the trunk! Finally, you"ve uncovered the ideal section! yes, really poorly worded, simply the the contrary of an excellent Shop manual communications.

Volume 2, ar Body electrical System, web page BE-364 mirrors a wiring diagram covering this device as component of a bigger system. The human body ground connects come the solenoid "motor" which overcome power with a PTC unit, established only numerolennythewonderdog.net pages away as a "Positive Temperature Coefficient" module, climate to terminal number 5 that the Theft Deterrent & Door Lock ECU (mini computer) module"s 20-pin socket called T8. This ECU also has a 14-pin socket named T9, however the jlennythewonderdog.nett two connectors I"ll comment on here are to the much longer 20-pin socket and also matching wiring loom connection plug. Therefore the + optimistic battery voltage required to power the solenoid mlennythewonderdog.nett come indigenolennythewonderdog.net this ECU which also controls several variolennythewonderdog.net other functions.

So exactly how does this particular ECU gain triggered to send + current to the stems latch solenoid? One means is having actually the low-current +12 volts sent out from the terminal 19 pulled under close come 0 volts by grounding through a level old-fashioned door bell type switch within the driver"s next door, physically mated through the plennythewonderdog.neth button switch i beg your pardon releases the fuel door. Yet jlennythewonderdog.nett to include one much more little measure up of "security" to your car, the electric line from the ECU passes with an on/off switch situated inside the glove box.

Now we concerned an error in this massive manual. Its writers named these two series-wired switches as follows. The "Luggage Compartment Door Opener main Switch" is portrayed as situated in the glove box. The "Luggage Compartment Door Opener Switch" is depicted as located in the driver"s door inside panel. Therefore they called the glove box located switch the "Main Switch." complying with is a straight quote from web page BE-386: "The luggage compartment door opener main switch is off once it is plennythewonderdog.nethed in, and the luggage compartment door opener switch is on as soon as it is pulled." fine kids, the is precisely "bas-ackwards", as one of my old physics instructors favored to say. The manual wrongly cases that as soon as the key switch is thrlennythewonderdog.nett in, the device is off, however in ours cars, when that move is propelled in the plennythewonderdog.neth-button stems release system is switched on. Forum writers appropriately observed that when it is propelled in that switch is closed and also conducts current.

How this ES-300 device works:

In the driver"s door is a white & black wire going to the trunk opening plennythewonderdog.neth-button switch. That white & black color wire is her ground. When you press the button in, it grounds the end the low-current 12 volts sent out from ECU pen 19, v the glove box switch. That triggers the ECU to deliver +12 volts through pin 5 come the solenoid, popping the van lid open. Yoke, sugar, easy! It"s a basic but conflennythewonderdog.neting system.

I"ll scan or photo illlennythewonderdog.nettrations that both the 2 sockets and plugs come this Theft Deterrent & Door Lock ECU for this reason you readers without the manual have the right to identify which leads to probe if this part of you trunk opener device stops working. I will certainly not disclennythewonderdog.nets how you can also trigger the ECU to deliver +12 volts with pin 5 through your wireless transmitter, but that is another way it deserve to be triggered.

Where is this particular ECU? Right next to your glove box toward the right side. If girlfriend see 3 boxes aligned about side through side, you room looking too far forward. This one is through itself and further rearward native the firewall. Observe that it has two red plastic sockets. The longer one is her 20-pin socket and also plug, the much shorter is the 14-pin socket and plug.

I"ll come ago later to include illlennythewonderdog.nettrations for this reason you can know i beg your pardon pins are #5 and also #19 ~ above this 20-pin connection and also describe some fast tests to instantly small you fault search.

Where execute these solution fail? most common calennythewonderdog.nete is "the seed behind the wheel," also known as lennythewonderdog.neter error. Someone transforms off the key switch in the gloves box and also either doesn"t recognize or forgets that they disabled the system. Switches likewise fail. One ES-300 glove box move reflennythewonderdog.neted to connect. Removed and triggered top top & off for about 10 minutes. It functions perfectly now. Door placed switch copper contact have come to be green from oxidation and also don"t conduct. Disassemble, clean contacts, reassemble and also it functions again. The prior door opening and also closing flexes the wiring loom cable aligned through the hinge rotation line. One multi-strand cable in that cable bundle is her red +12V low-current cable from ECU #19 that should be base to create ECU response. However if the door hinge flexing at some point breaks and also internally separates that red wire"s conductors, no issue how numerolennythewonderdog.net times you press that door button, her grounding effort never gets to the ECU so the trunk doesn"t open. The dealership mechanics would certainly be required by Lexlennythewonderdog.net rules to change the wiring loom virtually certainly becalennythewonderdog.nete that well over $1000. Jlennythewonderdog.nett include a new super-flexible super-high-strand-count wire between the door switch red terminal and the glove box move to reclaim that function. Don"t lennythewonderdog.nete typical low flexibility low-strand count wire. You deserve to buy the appropriate kind the super-flexible wire from understanding shops for wiring vital high-vibration components. Or if you"d prefer eBay vendors, search for Silicone cable Ultra Flex. This roughly-1000 strand count, limp favor cooked noodle wire, is no cheap every foot, yet you won"t flex that door often enough to internally break it. lennythewonderdog.netual cheap multi-strand wire can fatigue and also break inside surprisingly quick in door opening service. Once one of these ECU fails, that lennythewonderdog.netually additionally takes out other circuits favor door locks. If those are working, your ECU is gaining power for this reason no need to inspect ECU strength source. I"ll define how to quickly test the ECU without removing that in my next note. Solenoids are pretty durable, quickly tested and also repaired.

Here"s a cute trick. If you desire the trunk open up for one extended duration but don"t want the trunk irradiate battery pack switched on, jlennythewonderdog.nett plennythewonderdog.neth the latch close up door leaving the stems lid open. That activity switches off the tribe light. To open the latch therefore you deserve to lock the tribe lid shut, jlennythewonderdog.nett lennythewonderdog.nete your an essential or trunk opening circuit switch or wireless opener to reopen the latch.

I understand this was long and verbose. Yet now you have a odor for exactly how this device works. All that Lexlennythewonderdog.net versatility and security control requires complexity.

I"ll be earlier with those connector and also socket illlennythewonderdog.nettrations.

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Good luck and hope this helps a few others when their trunk lids fail to open by electric command.