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Background Information

The song “Perfect Day” was originally written and recorded by Lou Reed in the early 1970s. In 1997 the song was re-recorded v a range of artists including Reed himself. Bono was part of the group of musicians that sang a line on this brand-new version of the song. A video was shot together a tribute and also to promote the BBC’s assistance of live music. It featured the stars singing one line each, through Reed singing the very first and last line.

To go with the video clip a CD was released include the video clip version that the song and a male and female version of the song. Bono have the right to be heard ~ above the key version that the song, and in the “Male Version” the the song. He is not present on the female version of the recording.

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Bono’s lines were taped in new York, and his segment of the video, while the band was on the PopMart tour. The solitary when it was released organized the number 1 clues in the UK for three weeks.

In 2000, the display Music Live ~ above the BBC network to plan a fixed singalong that the song consisting of performers and audiences from anywhere the UK including Jools Holland, boy George, heather Small, Ronan Keating, The Corrs, Steps and Craig David. Estimates place close to 100,000 voices singing the song. Leading right into the occasion a version of the single was released in a constant jewel situation with an crucial version the the “Perfect Day” tune with the BBC Music Magazine, so people could sing along to the critical track. It likewise included a monitor “Beat This!” i m sorry featured 7 of the world’s best percussion groups developing a drumming motif. It to be designed come be played by percussion groups everywhere the UK top top Monday 29 may at midday as part of the Music Live’s Perfect Day. The final version that “Perfect Day”, through 100,000 voices remained in high demand to be exit on CD, for this reason the BBC went back into the archives and re-released the Perfect day single, v two extra monitor this time – one is a video of the initial ’97 version of the song. The various other extra track to be the live recording, which did not function Bono. The proceeds the the re-release likewise went towards the BBC kids in need Appeal, like the original had before. Back the display was watched by millions, the single release only reached #69 upon release.

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Liner Notes

Perfect Day: Lou Reed, Bono, Morcheeba, David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Elton John, Boyzone, Lesley Garrett, burn Spear, cutting board Allen, pagan Small, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Shane McGowan, Dr. John, Robert Cray, Huey (Fun Lovin’ Criminals), Ian Broadie, Garbrielle, Evan Dando, Brett Anderson, intuitive Ministry Choir, Joan Armastrading, Laurie Anderson, heath Small, Tom Jones. Instrumentals by the Broadsky Quartet, Sheona White, Courtney Pine, Andrew Davis, BBC Symphony Orchestra. Music and also words by Lou Reed (1973). Every artists, the BBC and also Chrysalis documents agreed come waive royalties. The proceeds the the revenue of this single will advantage the BBC kids in require Appeal.

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