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This map displays major rivers, bayous, and also lakes of Louisiana choose Lake Pontchartrain and also Borgne. In general, the rivers the Louisiana flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Two rivers on the eastern side the Louisiana carve out the border through its neighboring states. That the Mississippi River and also Pearl River the shares a border through Mississippi. But on the west side, the the Sabine flow sharing a border with the state that Texas.

Lake Pontchartrain is the biggest lake in Louisiana at over 400,000 acres in size. In fact, it more than doubles the following largest, the Toledo bending Reservoir, which share a boundary v the state that Texas. Finally, Caddo Lake and also Bayou D’Arbonne Lake space the next largest lakes, both larger than 15,000 acre in area.

Louisiana Lakes & Rivers Map
Louisiana State in Google Maps

Louisiana lakes, rivers and also reservoirs

Lakes and reservoirs
Sabine LakeLake PontchartrainCalcasieu LakeLake GrandWhite LakeLake D’ArbonneCatahoula LakeLake MaurepasGrand LakeLake SalvadorCaddo LakeLake BistineauLac des AllemandsCross LakeClaiborne LakeLake BorgneLake VerretToledo bending Reservoir
Rivers and also streams
Mississippi RiverRed RiverPearl RiverOuachita RiverBoeuf RiverCalcasieu RiverAtchafalaya RiverAmite RiverBogue Chitto RiverTensas RiverBlack RiverTangipahoa RiverVermillion RiverMermentau RiverDugdemona RiverLittle RiverWhiskey Chitto CreekCastor Creek
Bays and also sounds
Atchafalaya BayVermilion BayBarataria BayTerrebonne BayTimbalier BayChandeleur SoundBreton SoundGulf the Mexico
Bayou MaconBayou BartholomewBayou LafourcheTeche BayouBlack Lake Bayou



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