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Yep, someone simply paid $2725 to add $35 shipping for an 1894FG top top Gunbroker. And to top it off, it wasn"t also NIB. In fact, the didn"t have actually a box. :hmmmm:
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Although i wouldn"t pay 2700+ bucks because that one, i still wouldn"t offer a couple of mine because that 2700+ bucks either.Kinda makes you wonder who"s yes, really the crazy one..... ..........Widder
Somebody else snagged a spicy 1894S .41 Mag a pair of hrs later because that $1025. Considering what lock usually carry on GB someone have to be nice happy best now.
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What great is the box?I constantly wondered what the fascination was other than providing a seller the opportunity to lie and say....It"s never ever been fired. LNIB. NIB.Someone yes, really believes this stuff?Look in ~ the price the Winchesters...I don"t see any kind of box!
Before I discovered one, and wanted one, i still wouldn"t pay that price! currently I wouldn"t offer mine for the price.
Wow! The offering price of this one was shocking, but I"m start to think our pre-Remington Marlins that space LNIB or close to it are gradually moving in the direction of collector status. Ns suspect minimal edition Marlins and also our various other "special" JM rifles will proceed to creep increase in price simply due to the fact that they won"t ever be constructed again. The complying with 1894FG Marlin is a beauty through a "buy that now" price the $2700. I"m curious about the stock on this one...pistol grip instead of right stock.Marlin 1894FG 41 Rem Mag JM new In crate : Lever activity Rifles in ~
There has to be one explanation because that this beyond buyer insanity. Anybody know how countless of these 1894FGs to be built? 1894FGs made in .41 mag? I"m reasoning this had to it is in a fairly minimal production version in .41mag.
There no that rare, generally can discover one or two on Gunbroker regularly. The FG"s all have actually pistol tight stocks, as carry out the PG"s. PG"s come in 44 mag, FG"s in 41 mag. If you obtain a FG or a PG, you have the right to interchange components with your 1894, and also turn her carbine right into a pistol gripped model.
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The FG"s room a many fun. And I just don"t see how I could even entertain offering one, so the price/value is fully moot to me other than when it involves security. That is where it"s useful to recognize what they are worth.
If friend never had one or shoot one, you might say the you will not salary those prices. However those who have them typically keep them. I recognize that I will not sell my for the price.
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