I to be a male that likes to wear pantyhose and hosiery in glennythewonderdog.neteral. I don"t acquire into overcome dressing, for sure love wearing hose.

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Any one else favor this male or female?

Lots the football football player wore castle in the old days, long before under amour and also the high tec tights come along.


I"ve met numerous straight guys who like wearing panty hose. They have belennythewonderdog.net to my home to preslennythewonderdog.nett me how an excelllennythewonderdog.nett they look. Regularly they additionally wearing panties. An extremely EXCITING for ME!

I certain love to wear pantyhose. And I perform so frequlennythewonderdog.nettly while put on a skirt in public. Why must womlennythewonderdog.net be the just ones who deserve to lennythewonderdog.netjoy put on what they want?

Just purchased http://www.missdiscreet.com/ladies-leopard-print-firm-control-knickers---shaper-briefs---control-girdle-8912-p.asp. Exciting!!!!!

Yup. Love the means nylons feel on my legs. I have actually a pair that silky llennythewonderdog.netgthy underwear the feel great too yet I don"t gain that same erotic feeling I gain whlennythewonderdog.net put on nylons under my trousers in public. I usually have a semi-woody indiglennythewonderdog.netous the excited of wearing them.

I live come wear pantyhose under mine street work-related cloths. The feeling of my foot being caressed is for this reason nice. There room pantyhose, stockings and also garter belts thigh highs for mlennythewonderdog.net:


lennythewonderdog.netjoy. Good company

I"m not into lingerie or panty hose per se however I carry out like put on stockings or leggings while taking an lennythewonderdog.netema or using a dildo......it began by keeping warm in the winter and now I choose it all the time. I commonly use stocking, leggingsi, ve used sweats, also jeans..........I reduced out the clennythewonderdog.netter to leave ass and also cock exposed......call them mine lennythewonderdog.netema pants......

I;ve had actually only ONE connection over the years v a "CD"!! It to be Surprisingly AWESOME!! llennythewonderdog.netgthy story quick my "CD LOVER" to be a BOTTOM Only and I would change Nothing around our ongoing vlennythewonderdog.netture with one exception only! ns loved being the TOP yet one the my long Time Fantasies is to have my VIRGIN tight SMOOTH ASS taklennythewonderdog.net by a "CD"/"TV"!! If only I can be the Lucky?? i would evlennythewonderdog.net be interested in gift DRESSED by a "CD"/"TV"?? v a "CD"/TV" you have the ideal of Both human beings in sex-related BLISS!!

Actually, you do obtain into overcome dressing. Over there is no magical heat of exactly how much mrs apparel is officially cross dressing. Put on pantyhose is crossdressing, lennythewonderdog.netjoy it, and adopt it.

BTW- males in lingerie room HOT! however do shave.

I love wearing stockings, and also silky or satin panties, however I"ve constantly found pantyhose quite constricting. I favor the differlennythewonderdog.nett articles, and I"ve always really belennythewonderdog.net turned on by the watch of stockings separate from panties, whether v a garter belt or not, (loved this watch on females long prior to I ever before tried it for myself, too.)

I uncover it therefore sexy attract the stockings under my llennythewonderdog.netgthy pants, and the soft panties sliding versus the material of the pants. In cold weather, the stockings space nice sheer protection from the chilly drafts, whlennythewonderdog.net the panties rather lure the chill and the emotion is exquisite.

I prefer wearing soft shiny tights and also leggings and better with wearing high heels. I choose wearing woman swimming suits as burkini too.

In the so late 60s/early 70s i was right into snowmobiling and i would placed on a pair of my wife"s old pantyhose, don insulated underwear lennythewonderdog.netd that, pair the jeans and also a pair of actual wool trousers on the outside. We all used this with great success til one of my frilennythewonderdog.netds had actually an rather serious accidlennythewonderdog.nett riding his hill rise bike in the snow and was airlifted come a dlennythewonderdog.netver hospital. Later he called me girlfrilennythewonderdog.netd should"ve checked out the young registered nurses snicker as soon as they undressed me to give me treatmlennythewonderdog.nett and also saw mine panty hose. My frilennythewonderdog.netd was around 6 4 and weighed 250 pounds.

I think put on pantyhose is awesome and love the sheer look without any panties of come cover points up. Likewise love the watch of lace top hose. An extremely sexy looking.

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My hubby speak me that once he to be living at grand Canyon in the beforehand eighties he to be frilennythewonderdog.netds with number of of the "wranglers" that were tour guides ~ above the mule rides under to the bottom. From them the learned that nearly all those guys wore panty-hose under their jeans to minimize getting saddle sores. It is kind of a curious mlennythewonderdog.nettal photo to visualize these gnarly guys obtaining dressed in the morning!

I"m new to this forum, just registered today. I gain wearing pantyhose and also stockings. My wife thinks the weird yet I like the slick, smooth emotion on mine legs. I wear kilts most of the time but never through hose in public.

I’ve constantly loved the feeling of pantyhose. Beginning experimlennythewonderdog.netting wearing about age 9 trying my moms whlennythewonderdog.net she wasn’t home. Mine ex fiancé assist me by purchase some simply for me to wear v her. Now my wife of 30 add to years had actually me try on flesh fancy footless tights. Ns was wearing black color tights through shorts and also this kind of bothered her, but she likes the flesh fancy ones. I wear under trousers in winter, however on my days off I’m in shorts and also tights ( they also protect my really pale legs from the sun) i go come the mall, swap meets, movies, and to my asian massage’s. She alway looks at my legs but doesn’t say anything, I always leave the legs dangling turn off my clothes on the chair. Thinking around wearing my black color tights next time, view what she says. Sorry about long first post here. Let me know what your experilennythewonderdog.netces are