Note: Neopets Mobile business was stop permanently on June 30th 2009. Currently, Lutari Island is gift pummeled through a huge storm, making that even much more inaccessible.

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What is Lutari Island?

Lutari Island was a special island in Neopia that might be unlocked by to buy Neopets mobile service. You can feed and also play through your pets, too as accessibility special Island-only areas of the site. It included it"s own shop, a heal springs, bank, it"s own wheel, and also two gamings exclusive to the Island. With the island, you can also embrace Kacheeks, Kougras, and also Shoyrus, and Lutaris, i beg your pardon at that time could only be adopted from the island.

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Getting There

In stimulate to access Lutari Island, you needed to have actually purchased Neopets Mobile one of two people via your service provider, or straight through the Neopets key website. It was included as a paid subscription app, costing $2.99 per month for as long as you retained the service. It was just ever available to inhabitants of the unified States, and also used cell phone data to connect to the Island.

Lutari Island

The main Lutari Island menu included six main sections as follows:

Adopt A pet / pet Central

Through this menu, you could adopt a pet, and use item from her inventory to play with, groom, feed, and also care for her pets.


View the map the the island and also all its assorted locations.


Access the 2 exclusive Lutari Island games, "Go go Lutari!" and also "Blockstravaganza."

Sync and Quit

Syncs all of your items, pet info, and NP to her Neopets account native the Island.


Standard choices to logout, switch account, manage sound settings, etc.


Used to refer and also accept referrals come Neopets Mobile. Referrals would grant special rewards.

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Navigating the Island

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When first entering, it will certainly ask you if youwant a tourism of the island. You can do it if friend like, or discover it yourself

Wheel that Happiness

This wheel to be exclusive come Lutari Island. It could be be crazy every 30 minutes and also rewards contained Neopoints, to exclude, items, mood rises for your pet, and also healing, while an adverse outcomes had losing her petpet enclosed to her pet or struggle points. There were 11 various spots ~ above the wheel together follows:

250: Awards 250 NP 500: Awards 500 NP 1000: Awards 1,000 NP 10,000: Awards 10,000 NP Evil: The Night Dweller would steal her petpet Lose NP: The Night Dweller would certainly steal an quantity of her on-hand NP Whoops: Lose half your struggle points Happy: The atmosphere of her pet i do not care "delighted" Heal: your pet is fully healed Item: you win among the adhering to items:

Eo Codestone
Happy Lutari Stamp
Lutari Cocojuice

Lutari savings Bank

Access her Neopets and collect interest at the Lutari save Bank! her account kind on the Island will reflect her account form at the national Neopian Bank.

Bog that Charity

The bog functioned much choose the Meridell Rubbish Dump. Various characters about Neopia would donate items come the Bog i beg your pardon users can then take. Football player were restricted to taking one article every hour, and also the prize received was random. In enhancement to receiving Neopoints as a prize (either 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1,000), the items accessible at the Bog contained the following: