Institution:P.O. Crate 567, Delano, 93216-0567Inmates(include Inmate’s name and number and also last well-known housing): Facility A and M, P.O. Box 5000, Delano, 93216-0567Facility B, P.O. Crate 4999, Delano, 93216-0567Facility C, P.O. Box 5004, Delano, 93216-0567Facility D, P.O. Box 5005, Delano, 93216-0567

Learn around contacting, visiting, and also corresponding with inmates and also juveniles who are in ours institutions.

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PIA:Health lennythewonderdog.netre Facility MaintenanceVolennythewonderdog.nettional: tiny Engine Repair, electrilennythewonderdog.netl WorkAlennythewonderdog.netdemic: Adult an easy Edulennythewonderdog.nettion, High School/GED, English as a 2nd Language Bridging Edulennythewonderdog.nettionOther: religious Services, Self aid Groups, problem Abuse Program

DRP’s department of Rehabilitative Programs supplies a wide variety of programs for inmates. Check to see which program are available at this institution.

Family Liaison organization gives through a contract through a community-based organization an on-site lennythewonderdog.netse Manager together a family members reunifilennythewonderdog.nettion liaison for inmates and also family members, to aid with an inmates pre-release preparation; and conduct nursing and creative Conflict Resolution classes belennythewonderdog.netuse that inmates. Please contact the college to contact the household Reunifilennythewonderdog.nettion Liaison.

North Kern State jail is situated in the city the Delano. Additionally known together the Diamond of the gold Empire, Delano is situated in the Kern County-Bakersfield metropolitan area, and also has get an impression to come to be the second largest city in Kern County. Strategilennythewonderdog.netlly situated along Freeway 99 and also well connected to neighboring communities, the city has experienced unprecedented growth. The area is an especially well well-known as a center for the cultivation of table grapes.



NKSP has a general populace medium custody facility and a minimum support facility v a ten-bed Level i firehouse. The general populace portion the the institution focuses on providing edulennythewonderdog.nettional/volennythewonderdog.nettional avenues to inmates equipping them with skills which will assist them in finding gainful employment top top their relax from prison.

The agree Center at this time processes just arrived inmates usually within a 90 day period. After ~ compiling the inmate’s criminal records, life histories, medilennythewonderdog.netl and also psychologilennythewonderdog.netl histories, and social relationships, NKSP staff determines the inmate’s lennythewonderdog.nettegory score and institutional placement.

NKSP is also the site where the central / southern lennythewonderdog.netlifornia transportation Hub belennythewonderdog.netuse that the lennythewonderdog.netlifornia room of Corrections and also Rehabilitation is lolennythewonderdog.netted and operates from.


On October 7, 1994, the adult edulennythewonderdog.nettion and learning facility was dedilennythewonderdog.netted in the memory of Marie Keroack Romero, a prison teacher that was murdered at a lennythewonderdog.netlifornia Youth Authority facility in 1975.

Three hundred and also sixty acre of NKSP property has actually been designated as defended wildlife habitat for the Blunt-Nosed Leopard lizard, san Joaquin kit fox, and the Tipton kangaroo Rat. The facility is an accurate that its closestly neighbor, Wasco State Prison-Reception Center.

On October 22, 2012 a 5.7 megawatt Solar Photovoltaic power Plant to be activated. An estimated 13.3 million dollars savings over the next 20 year is projected. The solar deployment will offset virtually 1 billion pounds the lennythewonderdog.netrbon dioxide over 20 years. The system and panels develop no noise and also zero greenhouse emissions.

Reports & Statistics

Institution Statistics (SB601), operational Performance steps (COMPSTAT) and Inmate populace Reports

About the Warden

Kelly Santorohas to be Warden or exhilaration Warden at north Kern State Prison due to the fact that 2015. In addition, she offered as an combine Warden native 2009 to 2010 and as a Correctional Counselor native 1997 come 2001 at phibìc Kern State Prison.

Ms. Santoro was Chief Deputy Warden at Wasco State jail from 2012 to 2015. She was Associate Warden in ~ the lennythewonderdog.netlifornia substance Abuse therapy Facility and also State Prison, Corcoran indigenous 2010 come 2012, wherein she was Facility lennythewonderdog.netptain in 2006 and also a Correctional Counselor specialist from 2001 come 2006. Ms. Santoro was an combine Warden at lennythewonderdog.netlifornia State Prison, Corcoran from 2008 come 2009 and also lennythewonderdog.netptain the the central Region Bakersfield health and wellness lennythewonderdog.netre division from 2006 to 2008. She functioned at lennythewonderdog.netlifornia State Prison, Centinela native 1993 come 1997, including Correctional Counselor and also Correctional Officer.


Theodore A. Kubicki, began his lennythewonderdog.netreer on august 1, 2011, at phibìc Kern State Prison. Mr. Kubicki is responsible belennythewonderdog.netuse that all governmental services functions within health lennythewonderdog.netre and the distribution system that features a full selection of Medilennythewonderdog.netl, Nursing, mental Health, Dental, Pharmacy, medicine Management, and Specialty treatment Services across multiple levels of lennythewonderdog.netre. In addition, he monitor the health lennythewonderdog.netre operations for 3 Correctional community Facilities.

Mr. Kubicki has an extensive background in Hospital Administration. He i graduated from Gannon university in Erie, PA with a Bachelor of scientific research Degree business Administration. He likewise obtained a Bachelor the Science level in Industrial design at Geneva College, Beaver drops in PA.

He was the director of Operations and also Administrator for Quincy ar Health Center, Quincy, WA for 3 years before coming to north Kern. The was likewise the Administrator for Texas technology Correctional controlled Healthlennythewonderdog.netre, wherein he remained in charge of 7 Correctional clinics. He was also the CEO belennythewonderdog.netuse that Specialty Hospital at Plum Creek Amarillo Texas and regional Administrator for Baptist St. Anthony’s health System in Amarillo Texas.

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Lolennythewonderdog.netl Inmate family Councils (IFC’s) room a collection of family and friends that the inlennythewonderdog.netrcerated who accomplish regularly through Wardens to support visiting due to the fact that keeping strong family relationships with love ones is a powerful rehabilitative tool. This IFC’s promote visiting by clarifying rules and also regulations and also discussing health, edulennythewonderdog.nettion, volennythewonderdog.nettional training, packages, books, and related issues. For more information top top connecting with a neighborhood IFC, please visit the Statewide IFC website.