Do you regularly come across recipes the don’t call “potato numbers“? It have the right to be genuinely frustrating for people who don’t know exactly how to calculation the weight. And also that’s whereby we can assist you!

So, how plenty of potatoes in a pound? Two to three medium-sized potato (all types) do a pound. Therefore far, the variety of potatoes in a pound completely depends upon their sizes. Sometimes, that takes only 1-2 huge potatoes to reach the 1 lb scale. Similarly, 8-10 small-sized white potatoes equates to 1 pound.

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So, prior to you decision the numbers of potato in a pound, figure out i m sorry potato form and dimension you are using!

Types of Potatoes

There are seven types of potatoes, including Petite, Red, Russet, Fingerling, Purple/Blue, Yellow, and White. Amongst these, there are 5000 varieties and 200 various wild varieties and subspecies.

Here space seven recognized potato varieties and their best uses:


Petite are bite-size potatoes having actually several name such as baby, marble-size, and pearl. Their skin and also flesh color is light-brown and has an intense flavor.

Use: Salads, frying, steaming, roasting, and also baking.


Red potatoes have actually small-medium size, and also round appearance. Their slim skin is red, and their meat is white. The texture is smooth and moist. And there is a nice sweet in flavor.

Use: Salads, roasting/baking, steaming, grilling, mashing, and soups/stews.


Known as Idaho in the united States, russets room a family of potatoes sharing russet-colored, netted skin. They have a medium-large, oval appearance with white or pale-yellow flesh. Russets have a fluffy texture through a soft flavor.

Use: Mashing, baking, frying, roasting.


They space two-four inches long, finger-shaped potatoes. Your skin colors incorporate purple, orange, white, and also red. In contrast, the colour of the inner flesh include yellow, purple, white, red-orange. Fingerlings have actually a waxy texture v a buttery flavor.

Use: Salads, roasting, pan-frying.


These space small-medium, oblong potatoes. Your skin has actually a violet or blue hue, and flesh has actually several colors, including pink, purple-lavender, blue, and also white. Your texture is moist and firm v a butter-like nutty flavor.

Use: Baking, roasting, salads, grilling.


They space marble-large, round potatoes v tan-golden skin and yellow-golden flesh. Yellow potatoes have a velvety texture through a subtle-sweet, buttery flavor.

Use: Roasting, mashing, salads, grilling.


White potatoes room small-medium size potatoes v a long, round appearance. Their skin and also flesh are white/tan.

Use: Mashing, frying, steaming/boiling, salads.

Potatoes In Pounds


Here room our favorite potato species for mashing and also boiling:

For Mashing

Yukon yellow potatoes are without doubt the finest for mashing. Not just this, they would certainly do just as good when roasted.

It’s due to the fact that these yellow potatoes have actually a nice dense flesh that makes them stand the end from other potato types.

They have actually a lower glycemic index than russets. So, diabetic patients and also those watching their calorie intake can consume gold potatoes with no worry.

Additional benefits include Vitamins B-6 and C, protein, and also a healthy sheep of potassium. Minerals choose potassium boost an excellent heart and muscle function. So this potatoes play a an ext nutritive duty in diet because that heart patients.

For Boiling

High-starch potato are best for boiling. Potatoes prefer Yukon yellow and Yellow Finn have actually a tool starch level.

That method they contain much more moisture and also hence would certainly not autumn apart once boiling.

You may additionally use russets for boiling. But because of your fluffy texture, they absorb an ext water. So maybe after scalding, their shape is no what you room hoping.

Which Potatoes room Healthiest?

When considering nutrition, all potatoes are an excellent for health. Castle contain a moderate quantity of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, and calories.

However, potatoes with dark flesh such as Yukon Gold, purple Viking, and Ruby Crescent space the healthiest.

Why Are tiny Potatoes much more Expensive?

Small potato are more expensive than various other sizes. It’s due to the fact that these potatoes space heirloom cultivated. And it may also be a rubbish to include them to her potato salad.

So much better go for medium-sized potatoes. They space cost-effective, an ext delicious, and also you can use them for numerous purposes.

You may likewise use fingerling potatoes for a healthy and balanced alternative. They have actually low starch and also you have the right to eat castle with tiny qualities.

What does A Pink Potato Mean?

Sometimes, you may have noticed tiny pink pockets inside her potato, these are Phenols.

Phenols room acidic chemistry compounds that type inside a potato with a chemical reaction.

The chemistry reaction wake up when details enzymes and also phenol react with oxygen comes from outside. And also as a result, you acquire a pink potato.

Is A Pink Potato safe To Eat?

These potato are completely safe to eat. You can even add vinegar in soaking water to protect against discoloration. Once you chef them, they will look and taste just fine.

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However, constantly and always avoid eco-friendly potatoes. There might be fungal growing within them which is hazardous.