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Synthesized in 1940by D. R. Corson, K. R. MacKenzie, and also E. Segre at the college of California by bombarding bismuth v alpha particles. The longest-lived isotopes,210At, have a half-life of only 8.1 hours. Thirty-four isotopes and also isomers are currently known. Minute amounts of 215At, 218At, and 219At exist in equilibriumin nature v naturally developing uranium and thorium isotopes, and also traces of 217At are equilibrium through 233U and 239Np result from interactionof thorium and uranium with naturally created neutrons. The complete amount that astatine current in the earth crust, however, is much less than 1 oz. Astatinecan be developed by bombarding bismuth with energetic alpha corpuscle to acquire the fairly long-lived 209–211At, which can be distilled native thetarget by heating it in air. Only about 0.05 mg that astatine has been ready to date. The “time the flight” massive spectrometer has actually been offered to confirmthat this very radioactive halogen behaves chemically an extremely much like various other halogens, an especially iodine. The interhalogen link AtI, AtBr,and AtCl are known to form, yet it is not yet recognized if astatine develops diatomic astatine molecules. HAt and CH3At (methyl astatide) have actually been detected.Astatine is stated to be more metallic that iodine, and, prefer iodine, it most likely accumulates in the thyroid gland. Employees at the Brookhaven NationalLaboratory have actually recently provided reactive scattering in overcome molecular beams to identify and measure elementary reactions involving astatine.1

Physical Properties

Melting Point:2*302 °C = 575.15 K = 575.6 °FBoiling Point:2*Sublimation Point:2Triple Point:2Critical Point:2Density:g/cm3* - in ~ 1 atm

Electron Configuration

Electron Configuration: 6s2 4f14 5d10 6p5Block:pHighest Occupied energy Level:6Valence Electrons:7

Quantum Numbers:

n = 6ℓ = 1mℓ = 0ms = -½


Electronegativity (Pauling scale):32.2Electropositivity (Pauling scale):1.8Electron Affinity:42.8 eVOxidation States:

Specific Heat:Thermal Conductivity:1.7 (W/m)/K, 27°C 5Heat the Fusion:Heat that Vaporization:State the Matter
Enthalpy the Formation(ΔHf°)6Entropy(S°)6Gibbs complimentary Energy(ΔGf°)6

NuclideMass7Half-Life7Nuclear Spin7Binding Energy
191At1.7(+11-5) ms (1/2+) 193At192.99984(6) 28(+5-4) ms (1/2+) 1,500.58 MeV194At193.99873(20) ~40 ms 3+# 1,508.65 MeV195At194.996268(10) 328(20) multiple sclerosis (1/2+) 1,516.72 MeV196At195.99579(6) 253(9) multiple sclerosis 3+# 1,524.79 MeV197At196.99319(5) 0.390(16) s (9/2-) 1,532.86 MeV198At197.99284(5) 4.2(3) s (3+) 1,540.93 MeV199At198.99053(5) 6.92(13) s (9/2-) 1,549.01 MeV200At199.990351(26) 43.2(9) s (3+) 1,557.08 MeV201At200.988417(9) 85(3) s (9/2-) 1,574.46 MeV202At201.98863(3) 184(1) s (2,3)+ 1,582.53 MeV203At202.986942(13) 7.37(13) min 9/2- 1,590.61 MeV204At203.987251(26) 9.2(2) min 7+ 1,598.68 MeV205At204.986074(16) 26.2(5) min 9/2- 1,606.75 MeV206At205.986667(22) 30.6(13) min (5)+ 1,614.82 MeV207At206.985784(23) 1.80(4) h 9/2- 1,622.89 MeV208At207.986590(28) 1.63(3) h 6+ 1,630.96 MeV209At208.986173(8) 5.41(5) h 9/2- 1,639.03 MeV210At209.987148(8) 8.1(4) h (5)+ 1,647.10 MeV211At210.9874963(30) 7.214(7) h 9/2- 1,655.18 MeV212At211.990745(8) 0.314(2) s (1-) 1,653.93 MeV213At212.992937(5) 125(6) ns 9/2- 1,662.00 MeV214At213.996372(5) 558(10) ns 1- 1,670.07 MeV215At214.998653(7) 0.10(2) ms 9/2- 1,678.15 MeV216At216.002423(4) 0.30(3) ms 1- 1,676.90 MeV217At217.004719(5) 32.3(4) multiple sclerosis 9/2- 1,684.97 MeV218At218.008694(12) 1.5(3) s 1-# 1,693.05 MeV219At219.011162(4) 56(3) s 5/2-# 1,691.80 MeV220At220.01541(6) 3.71(4) min 3(-#) 1,699.87 MeV221At221.01805(21)# 2.3(2) min 3/2-# 1,707.94 MeV222At222.02233(32)# 54(10) s 1,706.70 MeV223At223.02519(43)# 50(7) s 3/2-# 1,714.77 MeVValues marked # are not purely obtained from speculative data, but at least partly from methodical trends. Spins v weak assignment disagreements are enclosed in parentheses.7

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