This blog will offer you a overview on just how to raise brand awareness and also cultivate a neighborhood of loyal customers v Non-Product Advertising!

We’re life in an er where brand are completing for consumer attention in an significantly saturated world of on-demand content. Audiences now have complete control end what they pick to watch, and as marketers, we have to play by their rules.

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Now more than ever, consumers understand when they’re being marketed to and they don’t constantly like it. Follow to Hubspot research, “91% the people believe ads are much more intrusive now compared to two or three years ago.” A large reason audiences check out these ads as an “invasion of privacy” is the id that brands aren’t trustworthy. Entrepreneur newspaper says, “Brands can no much longer buy fist as they supplied to in the old proclaiming model. They have to earn it. This deserve to be done by gift honest, transparent, and also reliable, first as a company and climate in your messaging.”

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In 2020, the world saw one unprecedented shift in just how consumers make decisions top top what brand they support. Civilization don’t simply care about the commodities a brand produces; they desire to understand what they stand for in our modern world. What is their place on nationwide issues, how are they taking action, and also what space they doing to advantage their community? They also want to understand what walk on behind the scene to have a better understanding of how any kind of given company treats their staff. Today, consumers have put a much higher premium top top a brand’s value as soon as making a purchasing decision end the products they sell.

The best means to build your audience and express your brand’s core ethos? Non-Product advertising, i m sorry is a fancy means of speak commercials whose focus isn’t on marketing a product or service.

Non-Product proclaiming is all about drawing your prospective customers in by highlighting the values and social commitments of her brand fairly than just pushing your product. This breeds trust and transparency, and permits for more powerful relationships in between brands and also consumers by making the purchasing process a more pleasant two-way street. 

Non-Product Advertising: The Best video clip Types


Explainers are short and also effective videos the creatively show everything over there is to know around your brand’s offerings. They are a much less aggressive way of marketing that leverages education to press potential customers under the sales funnel. This videos decenter the product by hooking the viewer with a relatable difficulty or question, then demonstrating why your giving is the solution. 

Take this animated explainer enabled Roomi to create. The hook, i m sorry revolves about falling incomes, the rising expense of rent, and also ramen, is an extremely relatable for your target audience the Millenials and Zoomers. The systems their product provides, and also how it differs from rather in the market, is explained clearly throughout the video

If you in the B2B space, conveying what you do may not it is in so straightforward. This is why Explainers are exceptionally valuable. Because that potential customers curious about how friend can help their business, a quick and also effective Explainer guarantee they no confused around who her brand is, what benefits your commodities provide, and how that will save their leads from exiting her pipeline.

Culture Content

Another method you can convey her brand values is with culture Videos, which gives consumers a sense of what it is choose to work at your company. The goal of this video form is to usage your worths to establish a solid connection with audiences and also stakeholders, making them excited about the possibility of being linked with your brand.

Examples of society Videos deserve to include:

Social media takeoversVlogs following certain employeesMeet the Team videosEmployee Testimonials

Culture Videos space the perfect kind of content to show your diversity, equity, and also inclusion (DEI) efforts, as well as any other social commitments your brand has actually made. An imaginative video marketing choose this humanizes her brand, achieve transparency, honesty, and also trust through pulling earlier the curtains top top your day-to-day operations.

The video clip below, i m sorry permitted Cruise come create, highlights your intern program. Cruise is able to seamlessly convey their commitment come an inclusive culture, without specifically discussing DEI topics, merely by mirroring the diverse talent pool that renders up their brand’s DNA. 

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Cause-Focused Content

Per a study done by Harvard service Review, consumer are more loyal come brands the take a clean stance on issues they care about. Nothing worry, this no necessarily mean having to take a political next if the doesn’t work-related for your brand. A perfect instance of this to be Spotify’s non-partisan “Play your Part” campaign. It aimed to encourage eligible voter to vote in the 2020 U.S. Election by special curated podcasts around civil engagement, ad space reserved because that voter resources, and comparable efforts. 

What are the social reasons that are appropriate for your brand come champion? maybe your brand prides itself on empowering consumers to support little businesses. Friend can build an remarkable amount of integrity and also trust by creating videos the focus solely on exactly how your brand invests in this communities.

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A campaign that effortlessly displayed this approach to content is Uber’s “Thank girlfriend for not Riding” video which encouraged people to “stay residence for everyone who can’t.” This video clip takes the cake of an imaginative video marketing. Uber sent the profound post that they put the health of their customers first, by thanking world for not utilizing their services. 

Honorable mentions encompass Billie’s “Think of a Woman” campaign for international Woman’s Day and Mastercard’s True Name™ promotion which rolled out for proud 2021. The “Think that a Woman” video featured a spectrum of females in all your beauty and also there to be no vision or cite of Billie’s products. The video clip for Mastercard’s True Name™ map was a heartfelt step featuring a member the the Transgender community, who defines the prominence of having his wanted name top top his card.