Give an instance of these literary terms--paradox, dramatic irony, allusion, and ambiguity--from The things They Carried by Tim O"Brien.
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The an innovative story “The points They Carried” by Tim O’Brien was created as a tribute to the men O’Brien served with in the Vietnam War. However, the is a job-related of fiction . The title represents not just the points that every man brought with him however the...

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The an innovative story “The points They Carried” by Tim O’Brien was composed as a tribute to the guys O’Brien served with in the Vietnam War. However, the is a occupational of fiction. The location represents not just the things that every man lugged with him yet the emotional and psychological points they carried with castle in their hearts and also minds. O’Brien narrates and plays a component in the story. 

The question asked for four instances of certain literary terms:

ambiguity-something that has actually a dual meaning;uncertainty about the intentionally or meaning of something

Dramatic irony-

Lieutenant cross daydreamed many of the time about his pen pal Martha ago home. He looked again and also again at her pictures and letters. When she sent out him a great luck charm—the pebble—he carried it roughly in his mouth. He would yell in ~ the males to spread out out, to save their eye open, yet then that would return to his daydreams, pretending come be earlier on the beach v Martha. 

The men know nothing of his daydreaming. This becomes an example of dramatic irony specifically when overcome takes the obligation for Lavender’s death. The reader knows the his obsession the Martha. Top top occasion, he should have been thinking around his responsibilities rather than the girl ago home.


An allusion is made come the movie Bonnie and Clyde which came out during the Viet Nam battle period. The one day that Cross had with Martha to be to this movie. He remembered placing his hand on she leg throughout the time the the gunfire death Bonnie and Clyde occurred. Once he placed his hand on her knee, Martha looked in ~ him sadly. Through embarrassment, cross pulled his hand back.


The soldier known as Kiowa from Oklahoma was a devout Baptist. He carried a new Testament offered to him by his father. In his heart, the Indian brought the mistrust the the white man. Along with his Bible, he toted the ax of his grandfather. The ambiguity originates from Kiowa, the Baptist Indian, exhilaration the Christian ~ above the outside and harboring his disdain because that the men with i beg your pardon is fighting with and also for.


The men have been assigned to bomb tunnels made by the north Viet Nam soldiers. If a man attracted the number seventeen, he would have actually to get in the tunnels to inspect out what was in there. ~ above the day that Lavender to be killed, Lee Strunk survives his expedition in the tunnel. The guys were laughing about the tunnel calling that Spook City

Lee Strunk make a funny ghost sound, a type of moaning, yet an extremely happy, and right then, when Strunk made that high happy moaning sound, when he walk Ahhoooooo, appropriate then Ted Lavender was shot in the head on his means back indigenous peeing.

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Lt. Overcome feels good shame. The hated himself. He had actually loved Martha an ext than his men and as a repercussion Lavender to be dead and also this to be something that he would lug like a stone in his stomach because that the rest of his life.

Right prior to Lavender is killed, Cross enables himself to be distracted and also deluded by the think of his desire classmate. Cross believes the his lax procedures resulted in Lavender’s death and also determines to it is in a an ext rigid disciplinarian for the safety of his troops.