We began by moving all the saddles and also the remainder of the tack indigenous the old horse barn to our various other barn, which is likewise an old barn however has never been a steed barn before.

Until now.

Marlboro Man had some brand-new saddle stand made and Cowboy josh welded a bunch the old horseshoes to the rails to be provided as hooks, so there’s a brand-new place for everything!

After that, that was about getting anything the end of the old horse barn that we did no wish to go up in flames.

I have no idea what my husband is walk to perform with that item of metal.

And I probably don’t want to know.

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I do the girls gather up every these old horseshoes, which have actually been hanging ~ above this wall since I’ve to be on the ranch.

I’m walk to conserve them forever.

“Aw, girlfriend don’t require those ol’ horseshoes,” Cowboy josh said.

“Listen up, little buckaroo.” ns said. “Yes ns do!”

I certain told him, didn’t I?

It took us awhile to clear whatever out of the two boxcars the Marlboro Man’s dad moved out right here to the homestead close come fifty year ago, prior to Marlboro Man and also his brother were even born. He combined the boxcars and also rigged them come hold and also dispense feed for his ranch horses, and he built horse pens and a roof and kept on structure until the two old boxcars came to be a barn.

That barn to be Marlboro Man’s horse barn—and his 2 brothers’—throughout their whole childhood.

Marlboro Man and his dad both agree the old barn demands to be take it down. Its usefulness has slowly and inevitably dwindled. The boxcars space rusted, and also the roof is in disrepair.

Its time has come.

But yesterday, once it all came to be real, i started acquiring emotional around tearing under the barn. It’s therefore old. It’s been below forever. It’s where we’ve maintained bottle-fed calves and it’s wherein my children have saddled your horses since they learned just how to saddle.

It’s not whereby I’ve saddled horses, due to the fact that nobody desires to ride a horse that I’ve saddled.

But that’s one more story for one more time.

Guess what? Cowboys don’t have actually time because that sentimentality when they’ve gained their mind made up that a building has to go.

And when they’re hold a container the diesel fuel…

And matches.

“Man…must make FIRE.”

Um, yeah. So ns guess it’s a tiny late come reconsider.

At the very least my baby construed the bittersweet nature of what was happening. As we watched the flames grow and the smoke prosper thicker, the walked up and also put his arm roughly me, learning I had a small bit the a lump in my throat.

“Mama?” my baby said. “Did girlfriend remember to move your automobile out of the barn?”

“MY CAR!” i screamed. “Oh no!”

Just kidding. Yet wouldn’t that have actually been an unexpected twist?

Because I’m a photojournalist, I in reality went ago inside the barn so I could get a different angle.

It was warm in there!


The already-peeling paint started falling turn off in sheets—look end there at those exposed yellow areas.

That to be the an initial boxcar.

This is the second. POOF!

I realize all fire is hot.

But this fire to be really hot.

This is native the various other side.

And that’s the first stage of our speak goodbye to the old equine barn. All the lumber inside is now melted out the it. As soon as it’s cooled under (sometime in the year 2098) Marlboro Man and also Josh will reduced it all up and sell the scrap metal.

Then they’ll take under the old pen inside and also keep the gates, which space still in an excellent condition, and also they’ll placed them somewhere…well, somewhere that demands a gate.

Just part of the never-ending project of keeping and also maintaining a homestead.


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