Heads up! This video game requires the Shockwave plugin to run, which to be discontinued in 2019, but came to be hit or miss with the functionality prior to that. Girlfriend will likely be can not to play this video game unless you have actually an older computer running enlarge versions of your operating system/web browser (which we execute not introduce for defense reasons).

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Once upon a time, part pirates, being great at pirating, had some treasure. There shortly came a time when they felt the must hide this treasure, therefore they hid your loot in some quite comfy and welcoming caves. Those floating skulls sure space hospitable!

Why anyone would certainly hide something in a ar they couldn"t for sure go earlier to is anyone"s guess, but Hannah certain doesn"t mind! What an exciting adjust of pace from functioning in a tavern every day for terrible pay!

So it"s a an excellent thing she"s our intrepid hero.

Basics that Playing

Hannah and the Pirate Caves is a pretty conventional platform game. You, together Hannah, will should collect all of the treasure and also find the exit door to complete each level. The course, it"s not rather that simple: the caves are quite hazardous and require part care and also concern because that your wellness to safely pass through.

Below is a common screen that Hannah and also the Pirate Caves:


At the height of your screen, you"ll watch a meter for your lives, the restart and quit buttons, her treasure count for the level, and also your score. In ~ the bottom over there is a row of bubbles, i m sorry indicates exactly how much air you have left if you"re at this time submerged in water. In the center of her screen, over there is action.


The controls in Hannah and also the Pirate Caves are straightforward and intuitive: all you need is the room bar and also your arrowhead keys. Your left and also right arrowhead keys will certainly make Hannah operation left and right, respectively, and the room bar will certainly make Hannah jump. Pushing the increase arrow vital will make Hannah watch up, and pressing the under arrow vital will make Hannah look down and/or crouch for this reason she can crawl through tight spaces.

Items and Monsters

You"ll come throughout myriad items throughout your adventuring, numerous of which space designed to help you. Here are the most necessary items you"ll interact with:

Treasure ChestFind and also collect these to be able to exit the level
GemFind and collect these for a lot of extra points
Extra LifeFind and also collect this because that an extra life
Arrow CrateBreak this come set loose an arrowhead in the shown direction
Wooden dynamite CrateBreak this to punch up part thing(s) in the direction girlfriend hit it towards
Metal gunpowder CrateUse a wooden dynamite crate to set this off to blow part thing(s) up

Monsters don"t carry out anything special, yet you should avoid running right into them! they come in the forms of Pawkeets, Mirgles, ghostly Gelerts, skulls, and robotic primates. They have the right to all it is in avoided through jumping over or ducking under them.

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Level Walkthroughs

There are six tutorial levels and also twenty continuous levels in Hannah and the Pirate Caves; that"s a most treasure! every level has picture of the gem location and a composed walkthrough.