My playstations 2 memory card slot 1 walk not work-related properly. I have actually inserted numerous different storage cards to check out if it to be that, however, each of lock is no recognised by any type of of my games. I have looked everywhere to view if anyone could repair it for me and also no one appears interested.

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I have a difficulty with my PS2 memory card having actually the exact same data on both slots. Exactly how do you placed your data ~ above 1 slot?




Does slot 2 work though?

If it"s both slots and if both controller harbor aren"t working, then it"s more than likely the ribbon cable.

If one slot is just working , then it might be the contact pins no seating properly.

Hey males i have a simular issue.

cad slots were not working on mine old PS2 i had actually - never did actually, therefore i got a brand-new card, didn"t work.

i"ve literally just got an additional ps2 and i"m having the same concern - no storage showing.

so i"ve tried different memory cards and also different PS2 however it"s not working. Ns really want to play my old games again but i can"t if ns can"t save my work.

does everyone have any type of other ideas? cheers

I had actually the same trouble ps2 wasn"t reading the card in slot 1 but on slot 2 it to be working however some game doesn"t review slot 2 so ns couldn"t pat then ns make sure that slot 1 was clean. I kinda punch on it and and tired and it worked.

Try come Clean the pins with steel polish, noobs use isopropyl alcohol while the works occasionally you gotta keep in mind this are metal contacts (gold many of the time) the combination of steel polish and also grain or Ethel Alcohol are the best way to clean the pins. Comparable logic uses to clean pins on Nintendo, supervisor Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and also Sega Genesis Cartridges

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It"s surely no off topic the poster claimed his memory map wasn"t working and also I suggested he clean the pins with steel polish that may fix it. I"ve excellent this for this reason I recognize from where is the turn off topic part....... Enlighten me.....I wanna it is in in the loop also especially if anyone has anything come say to or about me

oldturkey03 "Try come Clean the pins with steel polish noobs usage isopropyl alcohol" polish NOOBS USE... Is why I significant it so

My fault for not including a comma I gained no beef or worries with polishing people. Additionally Old turkey 03 isn"t mine mediator no one does the speak because that me so i would believe if you had an issue with me or anything that I kind (or form incorrectly) address recognize the person WHO in reality typed it. In this cyber space era us live in you gained internet trolls, key-board warriors, cyber bullies and cyber cowards..... DON"T it is in A CYBER COWARD...... It"s the worse that the 3 besides grammar nazi"s. Respect is LIFE where I"m from and also you don"t gain it by talking about people to OTHER human being especially if they room on the exact same %#*

I have actually a playstations 2 and also for some reason when I fill the game using the memory i cannot retrieve the conserved data. I have actually a problem with slot 1 so I shot to load on slot 2 yet the blog post comes up no memory map in slot 1. Every my young saved games are top top the memory map which us can"talk load. Perform you have any type of ideas?

I had actually this difficulty too, because that years I simply never played games that saved in slot 1. Well, ns was obtaining ready come buy a replacement; being exhausted of this occupational around, ns tried propping the hatch open and also blowing really difficult into that (minimizing any kind of saliva additions). Now it functions again.

I recommend using an waiting can, however check to view if it"s not working due to dust top top the contacts.

I additionally came across this, my slot 2 works for PS2 yet slot 1 not. Which climate lead me to opened the PS2 and also i closely looked at storage slots and managed to notification that the pins which affix to memory map were not fully in contact with it. I just took console apart and also took the metal cover turn off or even carefully bent the then used a needle to relax or unbend the pins i beg your pardon were not popped up properly. After that put in memory card in the slot to ensure that pins space in contact with memory map which then assemble back the PS2, move it and success the slot one detected and also I to be able come play ns hope this is helpful. If require something come know simply ask.

PlayStation 2 , once disassembled, is composed of series of Flex Cables (Ribbon Cable). In situation of MemoryCard slots, one ribbon cable collection is used. If, her one slot is not functioning as it need to while the various other is to work normally, carry out the following:

1) take a vacuum cleaner, connect its tiny hose, and suck it with that slot which is not working.

2) Disassemble the upper cover of PS2 by removing all the screws indigenous the basic of the covering. When the covering is removed, eliminate the two small philip head screws on the slots. Girlfriend will see a ribbon cable succession there. Remove it, take an eraser, clean its contact points and again location it back.

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Note: First, do the step 1. If it doesn"t help, then proceed to the second step. Otherwise, it is risky that PS2 flex cable have the right to be damaged.

Hi i need my playstation 2 repairing slimline one its broken on one memory map slot and also broken disc cover additionally front has broken off

My storage cards works on the residence screen but once I obtain into the game it doesn"t work for se reason. I shot to move it and fix it yet it doesn"t work

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