Are you in search of some an ext games like Pocket God? If you have actually not heard around Pocket God before, the is a game accessible for iOS and Android that is solitary player. This video game is both addictive and fun since of the simulation and god-elements in the game. If we room going to tell you about the ideal games favor Pocket God, we assumed we would tell you more about this mobile video game first.

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Pocket God is emerged by Bolt an imaginative and you have to be the leader in this game. You will certainly lead the dry island and you will have the controls over whatever in the game. Bag God has a many levels in it with there no being an really goal. The as whole goal is to just enjoy you yourself by doing things like drawing a dual rainbow or finding covert treasures. There are so many locations in this game, with the ability to build structures and likewise destroy structures.

The visuals in bag God are really good for a mobile game, and also the mechanics are really interesting. This is a distinctive game that permits you to produce things choose sharks, storm clouds, and even other items. Over there are likewise things you deserve to unlock in the video game too together you progress, including more content. If friend are currently playing this game and are interested in other games like bag God, read on to learn about the five best alternatives.

Top 5 games Like pocket God

GodFinger 2– first on our list of games like pocket God is GodFinger 2. This is an iOS-only mobile video game that is likewise single-player. Girlfriend will should build and also farm in this video game with the main goal being regulating every element of her world. In this game, you have followers, so girlfriend play the duty of the mr so come speak. You need to answer those prayers the the people, along with make goods and likewise grow crops.


If friend enjoy games with a God element, then this is definitely a game to check out. If the game might look or sound easy, the is in reality a pretty difficult game. There are numerous levels in the game, through you needing to gain past them to relocate on. GodFinger 2 also requires that you use distinct powers prefer making fire and lightning. The visuals in this game are amazing and there space so many components to this video game that it will certainly leave friend immersed because that hours.

Artificial Life– fabricated Life is top top our list of the top gamings like pocket God. This is a video game that is available to both iOS and also Android. A life simulation video game mixed v a real-time-shooter aspect makes for a great action game. The visuals in this video game are great and the gameplay mechanics space also really fun. You will certainly basically need to manipulate organisms in order to store them going.


You play as the God essentially, and you have to shot to survive in the elements. There is a Thrive and also Survive component to this game and also the other game mode is Sandbox Simulation. If you could be thinking this game is no that similar to bag God, that is really due to the fact that of the beautiful elements in the game and also the power you have actually in the game. Whatever in this video game is either eliminated or survives through the selections you make, so try to save the life going.

Thrive– Thrive additionally makes our perform of the best games favor Pocket God. This is a game obtainable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a real-time-shooting game with a ton of action and adventure. Inspired by Spore, this game has a ton the environmental transforms that friend will must work through. You need to beat the other planets and make your very own civilization. The feat is less complicated said than done, specifically when things acquire in her way.


You need to colonize the planets and additionally ensure your world has everything it needs to thrive. A life simulation video game taken to an additional level, with impressive gameplay and graphics. In Thrive, there space hardships you have to get through and it can be really tough sometimes. This video game is really fun and a great alternative to pocket God, also though that is no a mobile game.

Godus– Godus is top top our list as among the games like pocket God girlfriend should inspect out. This video game is accessible for iOS and also Android and was occurred by 22Cans. This is as with Pocket God since it is a single-player God-element simulation game. Friend will very first start the game by saving and also man and woman indigenous drowning. Native there, girlfriend will need to lead the pair with levels. In Godus, you need to make tents and move across various locations from almost everywhere the place.


There are an ext technologies easily accessible as you progress in the game and also you will have to unlock an ext stages too. Over there are plenty of villages in this game and also the goal is to make much more tents in order to live. Every little thing is managed by friend in Godus, which also makes it similar to bag God. The visuals in this game are stunning and also the people is incredibly expansive. Over there is so much to do and also see in Godus that you will certainly spend hrs just relocating through the assorted locations.

Celtic town Heroes– Finally, we thought we would tell you about Celtic town Heroes. This is also one the the best games favor Pocket God. Celtic village Heroes is obtainable for Android and it is one more god-like game. Friend will have to produce your own town and then manage the human being in the village. You will have actually magical powers in this game and you will must use them to your advantage.

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In Celtic town Heroes, you have the right to go on quests, farm, build buildings, defeat enemies, and also do lot more. You need to earn points in the game in stimulate to acquire the upgrades. Celtic village Heroes is for this reason fun because there room so countless villages, buildings, spells, and also resources the you have actually at her disposal. Walk we point out you likewise have to provide the civilization you regulate jobs? there is a lot come this game and it is really among the finest Pocket God choices if you favor the god-elements.