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return Scout seldom complains around the hard times experienced by the human being of Maycomb throughout her narration, we recognize that

... There was nowhere to go, nothing to buy and no money come buy the with...

The good Depression has actually hit everyone in Maycomb: There space the ultra-poor families, such...

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Although Scout hardly ever complains about the tough times experienced by the civilization of Maycomb during her narration, we know that

... There was nowhere to go, nothing come buy and also no money to buy the with...

The good Depression has actually hit everyone in Maycomb: There space the ultra-poor families, such as the Ewells and also Cunninghams, who don"t understand where their following meals space coming from. There are the negative but hard-working african Americans, that live in the Quarters and scrape with each other what they have the right to to eat--including squirrel, possum and rabbit. Their own poverty is ideal seen in thing 12 as soon as Jem and Scout accompany Calpurnia to very first Purchase Church: The church is unpainted, unceilinged and also without electricity, and the congregation needs to be coerced into offering up what small money they have to add to the family of Tom Robinson. The Negroes are poorly paid: Sophy, Mrs. Merriweather"s maid,

"... Requirements her dollar and a 4 minutes 1 every mainly she can get it."

But the is not just the poor families who space affected. Even professionals such together Atticus and also Dr. Reynolds are compelled to accept profession as payment for your services. Many of the personalities use boarders to supplement their income: miss Caroline boards with miss Maudie; Mr. Avery boards close to the Finch house; and also Maudie eventually moves in with miss Stephanie while her residence is being rebuilt. Scout and also Jem have actually apparently never ever been the end of Maycomb County, since there is no extra money for travel and because over there was

... Nothing to see external the limits of Maycomb County.

The kids are required to learn about the extravagances that life exterior Maycomb v Dill, whose parents are supposedly not affected by the Depression as badly as most. But where Dill usually has actually a small money in his pocket once Jem and Scout execute not, the Finch youngsters are rewarded v a loving father and also stable household life--better 보다 money throughout the desperate financial time of the 1930s.

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