Extra credit 3 + pushing a Chair follow me the Floor learning Goal component A- Normal force exerled ~ above the chair through the floor To recognize the function of frictin in a state of equilibrium A chair weighing 115 N rests on a level floor the is no ricionless. A male pushes top top the chair through a force F 10 N the is command at an edge of 35.0 v th horizontal(Figare 1) Aosume thal the chair is stationary however is ~ above the verge of sliding utilizing Newton’s laws, calculate N,the magnitude of the normal pressure that the loor exerts top top the chair Express her answer numerically come three far-reaching figures in newtons. View obtainable Hintts) Submit component B-Coeticient of revolution fricton between the chair and also the foor What io the ceicent that stalic fricsion A, between the floor and the chair? Recall the the chair ls top top the verge of sliding Express her answes numerically to three significant figures. Number 1 of 1 View easily accessible nds

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