Here comes Goodbye - Rascal Flatts|I thought I"d stick with the country theme this week, and choose Rascal Flatts as my Thursday Revisit after i reviewed their latest music video "Yours If You desire It". This was one of their most-watched music videos, after ~ "What damages The Most", obviously. This one is extremely emotional and also follows the same format as their other videos. Clock Rascal Flatts execute in the music video clip to "Here come Goodbye" whilst us watch a narrative around a woman grieving over the loss of her son, who is hidden next to her father.The Rascal Flatts space a country music trio consists of Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and also Joe Don Rooney. Castle are big in the United says of America, hitting the nation charts tough constantly; but, together per usual, lock don"t even make a mark below in the UK. Country music simply doesn"t execute well over here, and it"s disappointing to see because there room some impressive acts in that genre, and also the Rascal Flatts are among them. This charted fine in the statesand deserved to have been a worldwide hit, probably they"ll have one in the future, we can only hope. This song was composed by Clint Lagerberg and Chris Sligh.Directed through Shaun Silva, this wintry music video clip is complete of emotion from begin to finish, with frontman vocalist Gary LeVox shining transparent the performance visual, whilst the actors in the music video clip portray a heart-wrenching narrative.The storyline isn"t clean from the start, as we watch a little boy playing v toy trucks whilst one old man talks about the time the was that age. The narrative continues as us watch 2 women grieving, they then walk out v the snow to two graves. We watch on, intrigued to occupational it every out, and also then finding out that the woman is grieving for she son, who has actually sadly passed away, and his grandfather has involved take him up to heaven.The performance piece is typical Rascal Flatts, including all the appropriate emotion, whilst adding energetic vibes makingus all desire to view them live. At the very least they guarantee the regardless that the track they will certainly be singing, the Rascal Flatts will give you a display to remember.Overall, it"s an additional solid music video clip from these guys.

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The narrative could"ve been a bit much more explanatory;however, it"s relatable to the tune as that is time come say goodbye come the shed loved ones. Ns hope the Rascal Flatts return with a killer album the we are all going to love, bring on your future releases.
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