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It’s time come renovate the kitchen! Or, perhaps you got tired of the over-the-range microwave. Everything the case, you desire to remove it from your kitchen. But, just how do us go around doing that? If that’s what you’re wondering how to do, let’s find out!

The procedure to remove an over-the-range microwave is simple. After all, an over-the-range microwave is designed to come out easily. However, the appliance is a hefty one. So, you’ll most likely need who to loan you a hand. To remove it, you’ll have to:

First, locate the wall surface receptacle. Unplug the cord.

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Then, find the mounting screws. Use a drill come unscrew them.Dismount the microwave by tilting the prior down.Carefully take under the microwave with help if needed. 

The steps over cover the general idea of remove an over-the-range microwave. Of course, it won’t always be this simple. There might be some obstacles along the way. In either case, there can be some extr information you might want to know. If you’d favor to discover out more, keep reading ahead.


How lengthy Does It take it To change an end the variety Microwave?

Before you gain to execute the task, you can be wondering, just how long walk it take it to change an over-the-range microwave? The job could take too long that that interferes through your plans. Or, perhaps you have actually a busy schedule, and also you have actually to collection a time to carry out it.

Regardless, remove the microwave shouldn’t take too long. In ~ most, it can take about an hour to finish. It could take much more or less depending on how effectively you and your partner job-related together. Seeing the the microwave is heavy, safety must be your main concern. So, you should expect to take about fifty percent an hour or much more to complete the job.


Removing the Microwave

Since we understand the timeframe it will certainly take to eliminate the microwave, it’s time to get to business! 

Taking Measurements

This very first step is an optional one. If you’re to plan to change an currently microwave, take it some mindful measurements beforehand. Record exactly how much an are the existing one bring away up. This measure up is an important because some manufacturers call for you to have a particular amount that clearance. 

You don’t want the microwave to be also close come the range. There must be 30 customs of space between the top of the range and the bottom that the cabinet. In general, the bottom that the microwave have to be at least 13-1/2 inches above the optimal of the range. Regardless, check the manufacturer’s directions for an enough amount of clearance. 

Locate the wall Receptacle

First, you’ll have to look for wherein the microwave is plugged in. In many cases, the wall surface receptacle would certainly be situated in the cabinet above. Unplug the cord and route it through the hole at the bottom. 

Remove the Mounting Screws

Next, locate the mounting screws. They have to be existing at the bottom of the cabinet above the microwave. In general, there must be two or three mounting screws. Prior to unscrewing them, have someone support the microwave. This way, it won’t fall and cause inadvertently damage. 

Now, remove the screws. 

Dismount the Microwave

It’s time to remove the unit altogether. Though, friend can’t do it by simply pulling it. You’ll need to tilt the microwave front to dismount it from the mounting bracket. If your microwave is located over a shelf, open the microwave and also tip that forward v the back. 

Depending top top the model, tilting the microwave forward could not be enough to dismount it. Part may have actually holding rods to guarantee it won’t autumn off. So, it is best to above the microwave’s instruction manual on just how to dismount the unit in this case. 

Carefully Take down the Microwave

You can set the microwave aside on the floor or a counter. If you wish, girlfriend can additionally remove the mounting parentheses to complete the job. One quick thing to note, if you’re plan to replace the existing microwave with among the very same brands, friend might be able to reuse the very same mounting bracket. 

From here, you can choose to do every little thing you want. You can fill the holes with a drywall-joint compound. Repaint the wall surface if you’re no going to replace the microwave through a brand-new one. 

With the microwave freshly removed, over there are an ext options you deserve to install to fill in the space. Maybe it’s time to bring back the range hood. Or, you can install a pot filler come add more convenience to the kitchen. Every little thing the case, you’re totally free to install anything you’d prefer in ar of the microwave! 

Does an over the selection Microwave need to Be Vented?


Of course, if you’re installing an over-the-range microwave, you’re providing up a variety hood in that place. Variety hoods are essential for enhancing the air high quality in the kitchen. They eliminate odors, grease, and also other pollutants the are present when friend cook. The begs the question, must an over-the-range microwave it is in vented? 

This time, it relies on her preference. Or, together some suggest, it’s figured out by the construction of her home. Let’s take it a look at the options. 

Recirculating Ventilation

In any case, venting the microwaving have the right to be one optional choice. Some microwaves come v recirculating ventilation. It functions by illustration in the pollutants that food preparation produces and filtering them with a charcoal filter.

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After remove the pollutants, that recirculates the air ago into the kitchen. Though, this option isn’t the best to go for if you prioritize clean air. 

Although it’s not efficient, it still offers cleaner air 보다 what was created by the stove. Lastly, depending upon how commonly you cook, you’ll should replace the charcoal filter every six months or so. 


If you want the best air quality, you’d need to vent the microwave. In essence, it depends on how much job-related you desire to put forth into this. You’ll must run a collection of ducts from the cabinet over the microwave to the outside. It’s a time-consuming venture yet for a great reason. 

All in all, it’s not important to vent the microwave. However, you’d be far better off placing in the extra job-related installing a duct system to acquire things running. 

How Much an are Do You need for an end the range Microwave?


We’ve extended the amount of room necessary come ensure one over-the-range microwave won’t encounter troubles with the top of the range. In general, there must be at the very least 30 inch of space between the stovetop and the bottom of the cabinet. When you add a microwave, the lot of space you require varies. It relies on the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Some manufacturers might require at the very least 24 inch of an are between the stovetop and the bottom the the microwave. Others may offer much more leeway by requiring 13 inch of space. It all relies on the brand. So, if you want to distance the microwave indigenous the range safely, above the instruction manual.

If you’re seek even more details top top appliance spacing for her kitchen, we also covered this inquiry in depth. To find out more, examine out our short article here. 

Can girlfriend Mount any Microwave over a Range?


If you’re thinking about saving costs, you can be wondering if you have the right to mount any kind of microwave end a range. When it might seem choose a great idea, the won’t revolve out well. Countertop microwaves are designed to do simply that, exist on a countertop. Essentially, it means that it doesn’t have the style necessary come work efficiently over a range. 

The Disadvantages

As discussed above, above-the-range microwaves do double duty. They have the right to act as range vents by working through a collection of ducts. Or, they deserve to use a recirculation device that filters air v a charcoal filter. Typical microwaves don’t have actually these benefits. 

So, if you were to install a traditional unit end the range, you’d require to find a method to vent it. Additionally, over-the-range ovens come with mounting brackets. It’s another aspect you’ll have to account because that if you decision to mountain a countertop microwave.

Lastly, the develop of a countertop microwave will most likely not stand up to the warmth from the range. You might end up with damages on the bottom of it. As other users suggest, vapor and grease will move into your countertop microwave instead of filtering the pollutants.

Likewise, girlfriend wouldn’t usage an over-the-range microwave together a countertop unit. Their style is no aimed at being provided that way. So, it’s ideal to use different microwaves for your intended purpose. 

Final Takeaway

While over-the-range microwaves can look nice, periodically the very nice fades. In this situation, us should number out exactly how to eliminate it together safely together possible. This way, we can ensure there’s no damage to bordering cabinets or appliances. We hope you found the information over insightful! 

Before girlfriend go, you might want some principles on how to fill in the space. If you’re considering obtaining a pot filler, girlfriend should number out how high it should be from the floor. To discover out more, check out our write-up here. Until next time!