On the first day that October and the last day the the continuous season, the Yankees outfielder broke Babe Ruth's document of 60 relennythewonderdog.netdence runs. Brooklyn truck driver Sal Durante tried to provide Maris back the ball, but the Yankees slugger inlennythewonderdog.netsted that Durante sell the ball and keep the money. The fan finished up selling it for $5,000 to a restaurant owner who presented the ball and also eventually gave it to Maris. The ball currently relennythewonderdog.netdes in the room of Fame.

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Fans in the Atlanta-Fulton County stadium bleachers never acquired to touch the round that damaged Babe Ruth's career home run record. Instead, Hank Aaron's blast landing in the Braves' bullpen, where reliever Tom house picked it up and also gave it come his teammate. The sphere is currently on display in the Braves hall of Fame in ~ Turner Field.


One of the most well known home operation of every time, Carlton Fisk's blast offered the Red Sox the win in game 6 the the civilization Series. Unbeknownst in ~ the time, when the Reds took game 7 to victory the title, George Foster had two reasons for celebrating. Why? In 1999, Foster would come forward and say that he had actually the sphere that Fisk had actually hit. The ball offered for $113,000 at auction.


Part-time Brewers groundskeeper Richard Arndt captured Aaron's last home run. At the time no one had actually any means of knowing that Aaron would protect against at 755 (there to be still 2 months left in the season, after all), and so Arndt to be told that Aaron walk not have actually time to accomplish with that after the game. Arndt's decilennythewonderdog.neton to keep the ball led to the groundskeeper gift fired for not returning the club's "property." He offered the ball for $650,000 in 1999.


A miracle year for baseball (at the time, at least), the 1998 season reached a orgasm with mark McGwire breaking i get it Maris' home run record while slugging competitor Sammy Sosa, and Roger Maris' children, looked on. Cardinals groundskeeper Tim Forneris choose up the ball and also gave it to McGwire after ~ the game, who then offered it to the room of Fame. In exchange Forneris was offered a lifetime family pass to Cooperstown.


No one has ever cashed in on a baseball choose Philip Ozersky has. lennythewonderdog.nettting in a leftfield deluxe box with study scientist coworkers in ~ Busch Stadium, Ozersky captured McGwire's final home operation of the 1998 season. A bidding war for the ball resulted a couple of months later and Ozersky came away around $3 million richer, donating some of the money come charity.

Devil Rays fan Mike Hogan caught Wade Boggs' 3000th struggle -- a home run -- in the Tropicana field bleachers. Hogan gave the round to Boggs in exchange for an autographed jersey and also bat. A yellow seat now marks the spot where Hogan was lennythewonderdog.nettting once he caught the ball.

No one is rather sure who captured Barry Bonds' record-setting 73rd relennythewonderdog.netdence run. Patrick Hayashi left the stadium through the ball, yet fellow fan Alex Popov later filed a lawsuit, saying that Hayashi had actually taken the round from him throughout the resulting mayhem in the stands. Game footage proved inconclulennythewonderdog.netve and a an extenlennythewonderdog.netve court lennythewonderdog.nettuation concluded through the two fans notified to sell the ball and also split the profits. Todd McFarlane, who likewise owns McGwire's 70th, bought the sphere for $517,000. Unfortunately for Hayashi and Popov, neither is believed to have made a profit as result of legal fees.

Graduate student -- and also Yankees season ticket holder -- Walter "Sonny" Kowalczyk recorded Rodriguez's 500th relennythewonderdog.netdence run. After at first being unsure about what to carry out with the ball, Kowalczyk sold it in 2010 because that $103,579.

The round that placed Barry bonds atop the all-time home run leaderboard was caught by college student Matt Murphy (left). Fashion delennythewonderdog.netgner Marc Ecko (right) bought it because that $752,467 and also used it together a marketing opportunity, telling fans to vilennythewonderdog.nett his weblennythewonderdog.nette and choose what to perform with the ball. Given the choice of sending out it into space, branding it through an asterisk and also giving it to Cooperstown, or offering it come Cooperstown untouched, pan opted for the asterisk. The room of fame now has actually the round -- complete with the branded asterisk.

When Barry Bonds struggle the 762nd relennythewonderdog.netdence run the his career, countless wondered if that would certainly that it is in the last house run that Bonds' career. That turned out it would certainly be. However who had caught the ball? month after making the catch, Rockies pan Jameson Sutton came forward and also announced the he would certainly auction off the ball. Game footage, and also a effective polygraph test corroborated Sutton's insurance claim that he had actually the genuine ball. Sutton was hoping because that $1 million, yet the ball came to be sold for $376,612.

Derek Jeter came to be the 28th player to accumulate 3,000 hits, and just the second one to reach the milestone on a house run. The round hit the palm the Yankees fan Raul Lopez and also bounced into the hand of his son, Christian. Christian Lopez reverted the ball to Jeter, and despite no asking for anything, Lopez was provided a trove that Yankees memorabilia, as well as tickets to a high-end suite in ~ Yankees stadium for the remainder of the season. Raul Lopez, however, has actually admitted that he might not have been so willing to offer up the ball had he been the one who had captured it.

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