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Scooby-Doo! an initial Frights Cheats because that PlayStation 2

Unlock more costumes Navigate come the "" menu, then choose "" Get in the complying with codes to unlock the the adhering to costumes because that purchase.

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result Effect 2839 4826 1585 3726 2129 6588
Daphne Karate black Belt costume
Fred items costume
Scooby-Doo Egyptian costume
Shaggy native American costume
Unlock every Levels
Velma Pirate outfit

Contributed by: VelvetVelour, KairiRox15

Max scooby snacks

Go come extras then to codes and also enter the code

impact 6767
Max scooby snacks

Contributed by: Bossman10164

Scooby-Doo! very first Frights Cheats for Wii

countless Scooby Snacks & Level selection result Effect 6767 2129
Unlimited Scooby Snacks
Unlock all Levels

Contributed by: AcademicPCs

Bonus Costumes

Go in to the Extras menu and enter the follow codes:

effect Effect 2839 4826 1585 3726 6588
Unlock Daphne" black Belt Outfit
Unlock Fred" items Outfit
Unlock Scooby" Egyptian Outfit
Unlock Shaggy" indigenous American Outfit
Unlock Velma" Pirate Outfit

Contributed by: MSvest

Scooby-Doo! first Frights Cheats for DS

Unlock All special Costumes Unlockable 4747
All one-of-a-kind Costumes Unlocked

Contributed by: Fxvm2

Unlock Extra Costumes

On the "" screen discovered in the "" menu, enter the complying with codes on the keypad to unlock costumes because that each the the ", Inc" members:

impact Effect 6767 2839 4826 1585 3726 6588
Get best Scooby Snacks
Unlocks Daphne" an enig Costume (Karate)
Unlocks Freddy" mystery Costume (Knight)
Unlocks Scooby Doo" secret Costume (Pharoah)
Unlocks Shaggy" mystery Costume (Indian)
Unlocks Velma" mystery Costume (Pirate)

Contributed by: flirty_girl_96, ZPtE

Unlockable level

On the "" screen discovered in the "" menu, get in the following codes ~ above the keypad come unlock specific levels in ~ the game.

Unlockable 2129
Unlock all Levels

Contributed by: StoopidButz

where to to buy

Scooby-Doo! first Frights

new $18.10
purchase Now! may get a the supervisory board from sleeve offers.

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Scooby-Doo! very first Frights
first Released Sep 22, 2009
DSPC+ 2 morePlayStation 2Wii

Scooby return in the action-adventure game from Torus Games.

Developed by:

Published by:


Everyone 10+ Cartoon Violence
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