Alec Baldwin v Fred Armisen and this week"s SNL music guests, the members the Radiohead. (Dana Edelson/?2011/DANA EDELSON/NBC)

Alec Baldwin officially becomes the most frequent “Saturday Night Live” organize of all time this weekend. As soon as he kicks turn off the new SNL season v his 16th opening monologue, he’ll lastly break his 15-15 hosting tie v Steve Martin.

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It’s an impressive accomplishment — and also one that, perhaps, will certainly be short-lived if Martin master the display again in the close to future. Yet let’s no worry about that ideal now.

Instead, let’s focus on several of the funnier sketches indigenous Baldwin’s years together a pseudo-“Saturday Night Live” regular, a gig that began with his very first turn as host earlier in the pre-“Nevermind” era that 1990. Here are 5 of his funnier moments; have actually a favorite not discussed here? Share that by posting a comment.

Baldwin’s opening monologue: Feb. 13, 1993.

During his third stint as SNL host, Baldwin demonstrates how well he knows how to bribe other cast and also crew members to gain what he wants. The entirely possible that plunder Schneider is tho living turn off the cash that the “30 Rock” star slipped him here.

Canteen Boy: Feb. 12, 1994

Baldwin the enlightenment leader take away squirm-inducing advantage of Adam Sandler’s Canteen young on this, his fourth SNL appearance.

Schweddy Balls: Dec. 12, 1998

The well known holiday-themed NPR spoof that would ultimately spawn its own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cream was component of Baldwin’s eighth hosting gig.

Charles Nelson Reilly top top “Inside the gibbs Studio”: April 7, 2001.

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Baldwin, in his 9th go-round, donned large glasses and also an absurdly (but accurate) flamboyant laugh to portray Reilly, whose TV work-related is the subject of lavish prayer fromWill-Ferrell-as-James Lipton. “If you ever want to see acting at its finest, acting that will make friend re-examine her life, exhilaration that will make you watch the world for the an initial time, watch the 1969 television collection ‘Love American Style’.”

Glengarry Glen-Christmas: Dec. 10, 2005

Baldwin, on SNL visit No. 12, adapts his “Glengarry glenn Ross” “Always it is in closing” program for Santa’s workshop. Added bonus: hear Amy Poehler speak in one elf voice.