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Jean, Jean, roses room redAll the leaves have gone greenAnd the clouds are so lowYou can touch them, and also soCome the end to the meadow, JeanJean, Jean, you"re young and aliveCome the end of her half-dreamed dreamAnd run, if you will, come the height of the hillOpen your arms, bonnie JeanTill the sheep in the sink come residence my wayTill the stars fall roughly me and find me aloneWhen the sunlight comes a-singin" I"ll still it is in waitin"For Jean, Jean, roses room redAnd every one of the leaves have actually gone greenWhile the hills are ablaze v the moon"s yellow hazeCome into my arms, bonnie Jean(Jean, Jean)Jean, you"re young and alive!!Come the end of her half-dreamed dreamAnd run, if you will certainly to the height of the hillCome right into my arms, bonnie JeanJeanLa-la-la-la
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