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If Christmas music cheers friend up together you hunker down due to the fact that of the coronavirus, climate KEZK (102.5 FM) has actually the key.

Starting at 5 p.m. Friday, the station will start playing Christmas music, and also will continue to perform so through following week.

"We i found it some people were placing up Christmas lights, and also Hallmark is to run Christmas movie marathons, therefore we made decision to go v it," claimed Trish Gazall, the weekday afternoon hold at the adult-contemporary music station.

Gazall stated on-air hosts room still working at the stations own by Philadelphia-based Entercom Communications, which additionally has 4 other STL dial spots: KMOX (1120 AM), KNOU (96.3 FM), KFTK (97.1 FM) and also KYKY (98.1 FM).

"The on-air civilization are here, an engineer is here, and there is one boss right here all the time; lock rotate," Gazall claimed of the station"s workplaces in the Park Pacific structure in downtown St. Louis.

Gazall said that following week during the Christmas music, she plan to usage breaks to take listeners" calls, specifically from little businesses.

"It division my heart seeing what"s happening to every the restaurants and the like, and also all these world losing your jobs," she said.

"People are scared the end there; heck, I"m scared," Gazall said. "But if Christmas music cheers human being up, climate we"ll play it."



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TV hold Cohen, in one Instagram article Friday, said: "After a couple of days the self-quarantine, and also not feeling great, I have tested hopeful for coronvirus."