Most men’s toilets boasting four or much more urinals attribute at the very least one urinal that’s mounted slightly reduced than the rest. This li’l man is valuable if friend regularly have to take her young son to the bathroom therefore you have the right to watch that reliably drop trou into a pond of various other men’s urine. However is over there one standard elevation at which the consistent urinals and kiddie pee receptacles need to be mounted?

It seems prefer the kind of concern that should easily yield a simple, finite, Google-able answer, and at very first glance, that does. Follow to Hunker, a blog committed to all points design, installation a wall-mounted urinal requires adhering to some plumbing codes: “For standard residence use, 24 inch is the basic height necessity for a wall-mounted urinal. That’s the measurement native the lip or rim of the urinal to the floor.” However, Hunker also reports that one must check with your local building codes, “for potential slight variations before installing, together it is feasible your community has particular regulations concerning urinals.”

In various other words, the elevation of a urinal is based on the codes that dominion over the building you reside in, password which are open up to slim variations depending on the state and/or municipality. “In the U.S., states and municipalities have embraced these various codes as they space meant to ensure the health, safety and general wellness of the inhabitants within homes and buildings,” reports execute It Yourself.

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To discover out exactly what the building codes space for your specific area, you can search for her state’s codes via The structures Guide blog. “The government sites connected on the blog contain beneficial information bordering building and dwelling codes and many much more including structural, plumbing, mechanical, electric and access codes,” explains Do the Yourself.

Either way, if you’re stuck making use of the reduced urinal because the others are occupied and you can’t hold it anymore, just remember the it’s not, technically, the kiddie urinal, regardless of that gift the common perception. “Especially at locations where youngsters are not located normally, choose an office or workplace,” asks one redditor, “doesn’t that just lead to obtaining your pants wet easier from the much longer drop turn off liquid?” As one more redditor responding to the inquiry points out, varying urinal heights exterior of a family members location room actually because that accommodating civilization of various heights, because no brief king should have to go top top his tippy-toes simply to take a leak.

Alternatively, follow to Jenny, a customer organization representative at American Standard, a north American manufacturer of pipes fixtures, varying urinal heights can be a sign that the structure is make the efforts to accomplish ADA (Americans through Disabilities) guidelines. “The guideline is that when installed, the top of the urinal rim needs to be a best of 17 inches indigenous the perfect floor,” she says. The ADA’s compliance website confirms stated guidelines, adding, “Urinals shall be 13 1/2 customs deep minimum measured from the outer challenge of the urinal rim to the ago of the fixture.”

According come one ADA representative, this 17-inch maximum elevation is identified by their access board, that comes up through minimum guidelines based upon research. “We don’t initially draft standards,” she tells me. “They have actually a lot of input native the disability community and also manufacturers. They take average wheelchair height and other components into account.”

If that last part strikes you together odd, it’s not just you — there does undoubtedly seem come be part consensus approximately the reality that world in wheelchairs are less likely to usage a urinal in the first place.

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But, as one human being in the Google group discussing this very subject clues out, “Not everyone that is handicapped is in a wheelchair. I’ve seen human being on crutches who seemed to it is in doing simply fine at the reduced urinal, although i assumed that they were actually intended for use by little boys.”

Alternatively, as another redditor appears to believe, much shorter bathroom urinals room “for males with huge dicks.”