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"Rock the Bells" is the third solitary from LL Cool J"s debut album, "Radio". It was released in 1985 for Def Jam Recordings, was composed by LL Cool J and produced by stack Rubin. It to be the follow-up to "I Can give You More". "Rock the Bells" peaked in ~ #17 on the warm R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. In spite of the song"s title, no bells have the right to be heard in the album recording. The initial version of the song, riddled v bells that various varieties including a cowbell, is 7 minutes and 11 secs long and was only released top top 12 inch vinyl. that was based on the 1982 song "Breaking Bells" by Crash Crew. The song was later on sampled by LL Cool J self for his track "Mama stated Knock friend Out", native his album of the exact same name. The intro to be famously parodied through English footballer man Barnes for his 1988 solitary "Anfield Rap". The song also featured in the 2002 video clip game Mat Hoffman"s pro BMX 2 and also the 2008 video clip game ice skating It and "Skate 2". The track was additionally used in the video game DJ Hero in which the was blended with The Verve"s "Bittersweet Symphony". The tune was later featured ~ above LL Cool J"s compilation album every World: greatest Hits.more »

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L.L. Cool J. Is hard as hellBattle anybody ns don"t care who girlfriend tellI excel, they all failI"m gonna cracked shells, Double-L should rock the bellsYou"ve to be waitin" and also debatin" for five so longJust starvin" choose Marvin because that a Cool J. SongIf girlfriend cried and thought ns died, you certainly was wrongIt take it a thought, to add I lugged Cut Creator alongEvened up with E-Love down v the Cool J. ForceSymbolizin" in the rhymin" for the document of courseI"m a tower complete of power with rain and also hailCut Creator scrape the document with his fingernailRock the bellsThe king of crowd rockers finally is backMy voice is your selection as the sexy waxTrue as a wizard, just a blizzard, i ain"t take away no crapI"m rhymin" and designin" through your girl in mine lapThe base is kickin" constantly stickin" reason you prefer it the wayYou take it a step since it"s def and plus it"s through Cool J.Cut Creator top top the fader, my right-hand manWe absent the bells so an extremely well cause that"s the surname of this jamRock the bellsSome girl"s will choose this jam and some girl won"tCause ns make a the majority of money and your friend don"tL.L. Saw hell, gonna absent the bellsAll you washed increase rappers desire to carry out this wellRock the bellsNow I"m world-wide known, even if it is you prefer it or notMy one guy band is cut Creator a.k.a. PhilpotHe"ll never ever skip it, only rip it once he"s on the faderWhat"s mine DJ"s name, cut CreatorNow you know the illustration who"s ~ above the wheelsHe"ll journey the overcome fader choose a reduced mobileSo an exact with a part that you recognize he"s greaterWhat"s mine DJ"s name, cut CreatorNow friend know, what do you know, Earl functions the weedI walk to the store and get Old GoldSo all you crabby lookin" nappy headed girls get backCause there"s a ten to one possibility that you can get smackedRock the bellsThe bells are circulatin" the blood in her veinsWhy are girlies top top the tip, L.L."s her nameCut Creator"s good, Cool J. Is good-goodYou carry the lumber pecker, I"ll carry the woodThe bells space wippin" and also rippin" at her body and soulWhy do you prefer Cool J., we like rock and rollCause that ain"t the glory days v Bruce SpringsteenI"m not a virgin therefore I understand I"ll make Madonna screamYou hated Michael and also Prince every the way, ever before senseIf your beats were made of meat, climate they would need to be minceRock the bellsSo listen to the lines of rhyme, i rhyme on timeHe"ll reduced the record in a second, make your DJ watch blindSo every you jerry-curl suckers wearin" high-heel bootsLike ballerinas, what I median is you"re a fruit-loop troopAll friend gonna-be(s), desire to-be(s), when will you learnWant to be like Cool J., you gotta wait your turnSome suckers don"t choose me, but I"m no concernedSix-g (s) because that twenty minute is the pay ns earnI"m growin" and glowin" favor a forest blazeDo you prefer Michael Jackson, we choose Cool J.That"s right, I"m top top the mic v the aid of the bellsThere"s no delayin" what I"m sayin" as I"m rockin" you wellRock the bells

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LL Cool J James Todd smith (born January 14, 1968), better known as LL Cool J, for ladies Love Cool James ), is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and also actor from just Shore, brand-new York. He is well-known for romantic ballads such as "I need Love", "Around the means Girl" and "Hey Lover" as well as pioneering hip-hop such as "I Can"t Live without My Radio", "I"m Bad", "The Boomin" System", and "Mama said Knock girlfriend Out".

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He has released thirteen studio albums and two biggest hits compilations, including 2008"s departure 13, the last because that his record attend to Def Jam Recordings, and currently has actually a brand-new studio album in the works. That has additionally appeared in plenty of films, consisting of Halloween H20: 20 two decades Later, and currently stars together NCIS one-of-a-kind Agent Sam Hanna ~ above the CBS crime drama… more »