"Stick RPG 2" is a net browser-based video clip game. The player controls a stick number as the works, studies and also tries to make it through in a virtual city. Along the way, that can get promotions, move into luxury condos and romance a wife. The game functions three potential spouses, each associated with a specific path through the game. Tiffany is attracted to personalities that build their strength, Kate likes personalities who emphasis their intellect and also Devin wants a partner who"s ready to be a small evil.

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Go come the 2nd map. Click the mrs standing by entrance. This is Tiffany and also she"s acquired a donate to ask. Agree to take she puppy to she sister.

Travel to the third map and also enter the penthouse. Inside, you"ll uncover Tiffany"s sister. Give her the puppy and also she"ll offer you a collection of keys.

Return to Tiffany and give her the keys. She"ll ask girlfriend to organize onto she scarf and bring to she at the club. Agree.

Visit the club on the 3rd map after dark. Speak v Tiffany and also give she the scarf. She then entrusts you with her purse.

Go to the second map the next morning. Visit Tiffany by the deluxe apartments and also return her purse. She offers you a watch.

Travel to the fourth map and also enter the casino. Speak through the cashier come exchange the watch for a wedding ring.

Enter the Gym next door. Work-related out repetitively until your strength is in ~ 200.

Visit Tiffany in the bar in the 2nd map at night. Ask her to marry you. So long as you have actually the ring and 200 strength, she"ll agree.


Visit the coffee shop on the first map in the morning. Speak through Kate and she"ll offer you a textbook. Take it it to the college on the second map. Give the textbook come the green student and he"ll provide you a calculator.

Travel come the bar in the 2nd map in ~ night. Give Kate the calculator and she entrusts you through her mechanical pencil. Return the to she the following day. She"ll be wait in the university lobby. As a reward, she offers you a watch.

Take the clock to the casino on the 3rd map. Exchange it for a wedding ring.

Go earlier to the university and speak v tutor. Ask that to study with you, enhancing your intelligence. Repeatedly execute this till your knowledge is at 200.

Travel to the bar top top the second map in ~ night. Ask Kate come marry you. So long as you offer her the wedding ring and have 200 intelligence, she"ll agree.


Decrease her Karma anytime possible. Avenues include insulting civilization during conversations, attacking chaste bystanders and also engaging in illicit activities, such as theft or drug smuggling. Your goal is to reduced your karma come at the very least -200.

Go come porn save on the very first map. Speak v Devin and she"ll entrust you with a secret bag. Take it the bag to the 3rd map at night. Provide it to the shady guy waiting the alley through the bar. He"ll give you a switchblade.

Visit the club on the 3rd map. Speak through Devin, who is top top the run floor. She"ll take it the switchblade and give friend the coolcard in exchange. Show this map to the patrons in the bar ~ above the third map. They"ll provide you a package.

Travel come the very first map the next morning. Satisfy Devin outside the police station and also give her the package. She offers you a watch. Take it the watch to the casino and also exchange it because that a wedding ring.

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Visit Devin in the coffee shop throughout the evening. If you have actually the wedding ring and your Karma is listed below -200, she"ll move into your apartment.