I to be honestly at sight torn about going come the show on Saturday night. One on hand, the tape is a tape I’ve been listening to because that over fifty percent of mine life. ~ above the other hand, there space some pretty serious allegations versus a member the the tape that have been all but dismissed by said member and also the band in general. I went back and forth in my head about going or not going to the display but, in the end, ns am a concert addict and also I just can’t stay away.

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Due come the allegations of sex-related misconduct versus the headlining act, the 2 openers that I was yes, really excited to see dropped off of the tour. Ns honestly don’t blame satisfy Me at The Altar or Nothing,Nowhere because that dropping off. It was a very great move ~ above their component and I totally support your decision and also truly excellent it as being on a tour of this magnitude for both action was substantial and a an excellent platform because that them. Ns didn’t know what to mean as much as openers together my friends and also I walked approximately The Fillmore. Was there even going to it is in an opener? Or was it just going to it is in the one headlining act and also that was it? We obtained in the pack venue just in time because that Dan Swank to take the stage.

I to be a little surprised that the band was may be to discover an opened act so critical minute (the opened acts just dropped off previously this week) however it made more sense as I looked increase this opener’s name. Dan Swank was the man who had taken over the opened slot and he is also a touring member that the headliner. The made feeling that they would certainly just have a member pull dual duty to aid fill the end the night but it additionally felt a little like a cop-out. That being said, Dan’s opened acoustic set was in reality perfect. A perfect set of nostalgic and sad slow-moving songs with an undeniable sense of passion and energy, I began to wonder why the band had actually never utilized Dan together an opener before. Again, I recognize it’s a bit of a cop-out for a tape to use among their very own members together an opening act but Dan’s collection was just too perfect to be ignored.

Okay, time to avoid beating about the bush. Let’s gain down to it– every Time Low. I honestly love this band so much. Their pop-punk perfection struggle me earlier in mine angsty teenage years over a decade ago and although i don’t follow them choose I supplied to, whenever one of their songs starts playing through my speakers, a laugh stretches across my face. I really disputed how lot I want to dive into the allegations against this band and also I honestly just don’t feel choose that’s mine place. If you desire to know an ext about the cloud the drama the band finds themselves in appropriate now, feel free to dig into it. Long story short- a most women have come out versus a details member of this tape for doing some really negative things. The is no okay. It’s no acceptable and is a problem that appears to be plaguing the music civilization as a whole. I’ll it is in honest, I’m heartbroken that allegations prefer this room hitting a band the I host so to ~ to mine heart however that’s the reality. I think that in my heart of hearts, I went to the display on Saturday night hoping to hear them resolve all of this but I likewise think that ns knew they wouldn’t. Their stance top top the whole situation has to be to deny, deny, deny. It’s a really bold relocate and, again, ns won’t obtain into the special, or also my stance on the situation but there you have it. This is why ns was torn on going to the display on Saturday night however there I found myself, top top the floor of The Fillmore hearne to my childhood come through the speakers.

All Time Low’s present on Saturday to be flawless. Ns mean, completely flawless. Your twenty-song collection was full of song both old and new. There to be moments the tenderness and emotion and moments that were nothing short of a party. With confetti and streamers blasting off a few times throughout the show, there’s no denying that, also though this guys have been law this for decades, castle haven’t missed a single beat. The energy that radiated indigenous both the stage and also the audience to be electric and it was difficult to not get lost in the excitement of that all. Mine friends and also I stand there just soaking it all in. Although, because that me, the was mainly a night of nostalgia, the was funny to see several of the younger crowd take in the present without that facet of hazy nostalgia. Not countless bands from the beforehand 2000’s pop-punk era have actually been maybe to stay as relevant as all Time Low and that really states everything around this band that demands to it is in said.

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From their brand-new hit tune “Monsters” to as soon as they closed out their set with arguably your most popular track “Dear Maria, counting Me In”, mine friends and also I were smiling v the whole thing while screaming along to every word. Twenty song is absolutely a saturated long set but there were so many more songs that I wanted to hear. Ns truly forgot simply how countless iconic monitor this band has from their eight album career. Nevertheless of if friend heard the tracks you want to hear or not, every track was done through a sense of perfection when it to be clear the the tape was still having fun ~ above stage. Ns thoroughly took pleasure in watching the method the members communicated with not just the crowd however with each other. Since 2003, this band has had actually the same 4 core members and also the bond between them is plainly unbreakable and also one of the mystery ingredients come making together a long-lasting and also successful band.

I was on the fence about going to the display on Saturday night but, when push pertained to shove, I just couldn’t remain away and I ended up having actually a good time. Nevertheless of the current case All Time short has discovered themselves in, they are a solid band v a committed following and also an remarkable live present that’s full of power and passion.

Line Up:

Dan Swank

All Time Low

Venue:The Fillmore

Smell-O-Meter: nothing Notable

Average period of the Crowd: 19

Crowd Surfers- None

Mosh-ability- 4 the end of 10

Sausage-Fest Meter- 3 the end of 10

Stage Divers- None

Amount the Beer spilled On Me While walking Around- None

Broken Bones- no one Noticed

Spotted Flying through The Air- nothing Noticed

Fights- no one Witnessed

Pukers- nobody Witnessed

Idiots Taken out By Security- 0

How plenty of Times I’ve seen These Bands before (or at the very least how numerous times I have the right to remember)-