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Hearts and Hands Story review by O. Henry

Hearts and also Hands an overview by O. Henry about the Author

O. Henry to be an American writer whose actual surname was william Sydney Porter. His quick stories are well-known for wit, wordplay, humor and also twisted endings. He to be born on 11th September, 1862 in Greensboro, phibìc Carolina. His father, Algernon Sidney Porter, to be a clinical doctor. Once he was just three years old, his mom died and also his grandmother and also aunt raised him. He left the college at the age of 15 and did numerous jobs.

In 1896 he was accused the embezzlement. He to be sentenced for five years in jail. While in prison, he started writing quick stories and his very first published story to be Whistling Dick’s Christmas autumn in 1899. He used a pseudonym, Olivier Henry, only to hide his identity as the did not desire his readers to recognize that he was in jail. His twelve story were published once he was in prison.

He to be released indigenous jail just in 3 years because of his great behavior. He moved to brand-new York City in 1902 and also wrote a story a week for the brand-new York World. His an initial collection of story was Cabbages and Kings and the following collection was The four Million. His success brought excessive pressure and also he endured from alcohol addiction. He died of cirrhosis of the liver on 5th June, 1910 in new York.

Hearts and also Hands an introduction of the story

“Hearts and also Hands” by O. Henry is a brief story which describes the encounter of two acquaintances, miss Fairchild and also Mr. Easton. The story is set on a train to Denver. A very pretty young woman named, miss Fairchild is sit in one coach. Mean while two men go into the coach who are handcuffed to one another.

Hearts and Hands Summary

Miss Fairchild greets one of them that she must recognize well and when she find him bound in ~ the wrist by shining bracelet to his companion, she smile changes to that of bewilderment. The glum confronted man v the Easton senses his embarrassment and also gives one explanation, the tells the Easton is a marshal and also he is taking him come Leavenworth prison. Its seven years for counterfeiting.

With the breakthrough of conversation, Mr. Easton tells the he prefers to come to be marshal in West fairly than life in Washington. The young woman finds it fascinating however continues to look upon the glittering handcuffs. To comfort her, the other guy tells her the the marshals handcuff themselves to the detainees to protect against them from escaping. After ~ this, the glum challenged man wishes to smoke and also both pipeline for the smoker and also the pretty woman bids goodbye come Mr. Easton.After they are gone, one of the 2 passengers sitting nearby remarks top top Easton’s looks the he appears too young to be marshal. He then exclaims the Mr. Easton is the counterfeit by speak that,” go you ever know one officer come handcuff a sinner to his appropriate hand?”


Looking in ~ the title of the story one must have the opinion that the template will display screen heart, method the selfless kindness. But the theme is that, ‘sometimes looks have the right to be deceiving’. One should not run to the conclusion randomly. An additional theme is the of compassion verified by the ruffled Marshal who had sympathetic awareness for Easton. The irony in ~ the end of the story makes it an ext interesting.

The setting of the story is in a train come Denver. A glum faced man introduce Mr. Easton together the marshal to lull the quite woman’s doubt on seeing him handcuffed. She is relieved to understand that he is no a prisoner. He speaks on his behalf on reaching Leavenworth prison, which display screens his kindness. He additionally saves Easton from getting humiliated in former of the nice lady. That does not care for his very own prestige.

There is a blast that irony here. Mr. Easton who is handsome and an excellent looking is criminal whereas glum-faced, stormy looking, heavily developed man is Marshal. That’s why as soon as the real Marshal speak the lady that he is the criminal and also is being taken to prison through Mr. Easton that is the Marshal, she conveniently believes. She doesn’t notification that Easton’s appropriate hand is handcuffed.

The twist shows up in the finish when the 2 co-passengers remark the Easton is the counterfeit and also the other male is the true marshal and. This instance is not at all intended by the readers and it deepens the mystery. Therefore it is said that frequently jumping to fast conclusions results in skipping the truth.

Hearts and also Hands an introduction Characters

Miss Fairchild

She is a nice young woman v a lovely smile and remarkable dressing sense. She appears to be a smart and elegant woman through a fascination for travelling. Her travelling endure is apparent from all the luxurious comforts she is surrounding by. She hands are covered through gloves. She voice is sweet and also there is a tender pink colour on she cheeks when she smiles.

But in ~ the exact same time she own the quality of arrogance i beg your pardon is apparent when she asks Mr. Easton to be offered the opportunity to speak: first. She appears to it is in interested in handsome Mr. Easton that’s why she beginning conversation with him. She is astonished to watch him handcuffed with another rough feather man. Quite she is horrified. However she is so lot attracted in the direction of him that there is no location of doubt in her mind.

When she is told the Mr. Easton is the Marshal and also the other ruffled man is the convict, she feeling relieved. It shows her innocence that she believes in everything the glum faced man speak her. She assumes Mr. Easton to it is in the hero once she says, “And so currently you are one of these dashing west heroes”. Top top his gift talking about his butterfly days, she thinks the he is talking about his free days. She also shows her interest in West when she concerns know that he

is settled in West. She is more socialite than emotional. When her father to be ill, she didn’t go to check out him, quite she desired to remain in Denver. Mr. Easton he is handsome through a bold, honest face. That misleads the readers and they think the he is a actual Marshal. That knows miss out on Fairchild because he remained in Washington. When he start the coach, he hears a familiar voice of miss Fairchild, initially he feels embarrassed together he is handcuffed but soon the rouses and also shakes turn off his embarrassment and also clasps her fingers through his left hand and also speaks to her v a smile on his face.

Easton is clever sufficient to manipulate things. As soon as that sees the expression of fear on her face, he automatically changes his expression. He tells the young woman the he has discarded the Washington life to come to be a Marshal in West. However being guilty he becomes more and an ext conscious through the breakthrough of conversation with miss out on Fairchild.

He knows that it i will not ~ be possible for that to bring on your relationship additional as she is an ext a social animal and materialistic than a realistic person. He ironically replies her that his butterfly days space over which means that he will be placed in prison later and not be complimentary whereas miss out on Fairchild thinks the he is talk in general. The is sentenced to 7 years that imprisonment in Leavenworth jail for counterfeiting. That is handcuffed by his ideal hand. This is one more irony that he is handsome and also charming but a criminal.


He is ruffled, glum faced person who is heavily built and roughly dressed. But he is compassionate and also kind hearted. The is hand cuffed by his left hand v the criminal i m sorry is another example the irony. The pretends to it is in the prisoner in order to save Mr. Easton indigenous embarrassment in prior of Miss. Fairchild. He has a good judgmental quality of person behavior. That is witty to sense the embarrassment felt by Mr. Easton and also so delivers an explanation ~ above his behalf.

He tells miss out on Fairchild that all the Marshals handcuff themselves to their prisoners to store them from acquiring away once she proceeds to stare at the handcuffs. That does not desire to humiliate Easton in prior of an old friend and even doesn’t care for his own reputation. At one suggest when the conversation between Mr. Easton and also Miss. Fairchild is walk on, he continues to be quiet and also listens to them calmly and at a case when the thinks the Easton could not reveal the reality mistakenly, the takes one excuse and also goes along with him in the smoker room. This mirrors his humbleness and large heartedness.

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Hearts and Hands summary Word-Meanings

influx – come of large number that peopleelegant – graceful and also stylishcountenance – face expressionruffled – upsetaisle – a passage in between rows that seatstingeing – slight coloringproclaimed – announced miscellaneous publicallyaccustomed – used toembarrassment – awkard feelingclasped – master something tightlybewildered – perplexed or confusedvague – not clearly explainedforestalled – protect against by taking activity firstveiled glances – indirect lookspen – enclosure, prisoncounterfeiting – forgingpetition – an very nice or request specially a written onesidled – advance in a timid way.