Hi Everyone!! This short article will share The Boy that Cried Wolf questions & Answers.This story is adjusted from the Aesop’s Fables. In mine previous posts, ns have also shared the questions and also answers the Jack and also The Beanstalk, The Elephant and also The Pots and A Farmer and also His Son so, girlfriend can examine these short articles as well.

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The Boy who Cried Wolf inquiries & Answers

Word GalaxyGraze – to eat grass in a fieldDense – thickPasture – a land covered with grassFrightened – scaredPanicked – to it is in afraidAttacking – to run on someonePrank – trickRegretted – felt sad and sorry around somethingEnraged – very angrySorrow – sadnessQuestion 1: to fill in the blanks:

(a) The shepherd young took his sheep to graze in the pasture near a dense forest.(b) The young ran towards the village.(c) he tried the exact same trick after a few days.(d) he shouted in ~ the optimal of his voice.(e) Nobody to trust a liar.

Question 2: create True or False:

(a) The shepherd boy took his cows for grazing – False(b) countless shepherd boys went with him – False(c) The shepherd young tried his trick two times – True(d) The villagers came to help him the third time – False(e) The villagers killed the wolf – False

Question 3: wherein did the shepherd boy take his lamb for grazing?

Answer: The shepherd boy took his lamb to the pasture near the thick forest for grazing.

Question 4: just how did he feel there?

Answer: He felt an extremely lonely and also bored ~ he had actually left his sheep for grazing.

Question 5: What walk the shepherd boy plan to do? How?

Answer: He planned to trick/make fool of the villagers by shouting ‘wolf, wolf’, in scared voice where the villagers would panic and run to the pasture.

Question 6: Who attacked the sheep?

Answer: A wolf assaulted the sheep.

Question 7: Why didn’t the villagers come to help the shepherd young the 3rd time?

Answer: The villagers did no come to aid the shepherd young the third time due to the fact that they believed that that is again making fool of them and there is no wolf. Lock told him that they could not think a liar even when he spoke the truth.

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Question 8: What lesson did you find out from the story?

Answer: The lesson learnt is – We must never call lie.So, these to be The Boy that Cried Wolf inquiries & Answers.