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There will certainly Come Soft Rains

Sara Teasdale





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Faster than fairies, faster than witches,Bridges and also houses, hedges and also ditches;And charging along prefer troops in a battle,All through the meadows the horses and also cattle:All of the sights the the hill and the plainFly as thick together driving rain;And ever again, in the wink of an eye,Painted stations horn by.

Here is a child who clambers and also scrambles,All by himself and also gathering brambles;Here is a tramp who stands and gazes;And there is the environment-friendly for stringing the daisies!Here is a cart run away in the roadLumping along with man and load;And here is a mill and also there is a river:Each a glimpse and gone because that ever!

About Robert luigi Stevenson

Born in Scotland, Robert luigi Stevenson was one unconventional and also adventurous novelist, poet, essayist, short‑story and also travel writer v a exceptional gift for captivating story‑telling. Some of his prose works, together as Treasure Island, Kidnapped and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, continue to be enormously popular and also have inspired many adaptations and also film versions.

Stevenson garbage the legislation for a life together a writer, frequently travelling come warmer climes because that his health. That wrote countless stories and essays based upon his experience in France and also the south Seas. Marrying one American woman took the to san Francisco, wherein he became stepfather to her 2 children.

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Although the family members returned come Europe, Stevenson’s health continued to be influenced by the climate, and also he took trip again come the southern Seas and the island that Samoa, immersing himself in the culture. He passed away there aged forty‑four and was hidden on a mountaintop over looking his home.