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Photo 1: just how to test Batteries

Test battery life using a multimeter or volt-ohm meter (VOM). Analog-type multimeters use a needle and also printed scale to display results native a variety of electrical tests. Function setting: Direct existing (DC) voltage scale setting: 12 volts check probes: match the polarity (“+” come “+” and also “-” come “-”) that the test probes and also the battery. An excellent reading: 6 volts (this battery’s initial rating) poor reading: Batteries v voltage readings 20 percent below their original rating need to be replaced.

Close-up of multimeter

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Photo 2: experimentation a damaged extension cord

Check because that a broken wire or poor plug connection in an extension cord by bending the cord follow me its length. Duty setting: Ohms. Scale setting: Auto-ranging. Check probes: affix the prongs together at one end of the cord with a jumper wire, creating a closed circuit. Insert the trial and error probes in the other finish to complete the circuit, and then rotate on the multimeter. Don’t forget a 2nd test to check along the safety and security ground cable too. Good reading: A “0.00” reading would show “zero”—a closed circuit. Poor reading: This “0.L.” reading indicates “infinity”—an open up circuit. This cord has a damaged wire or loosened connection.

Photo 3: how to test a irradiate switch

Test even if it is this wall switch is bad. First, shut turn off the power to the main electrical panel. Climate disconnect one terminal wire—so you don’t measure the entire circuit a switch is tied into—and revolve the switch “on” to test because that a quick circuit inside the switch. Duty setting: Ohms (continuity). Range setting: “X-1.” test probes: host them stable on the terminals. Girlfriend don’t have to enhance the polarity. Good reading: A “zero” reading would show a close up door circuit, a an excellent switch. Negative reading: This needle reads “infinity”—an open circuit. The wall surface switch is bad.