Question 1: A.) The subject sentence come the i is the beginning sentence. A pilgrimage to the ocean can be a be sure escape native the day-to-day pressures the life. B.) The an extremely last sentence in the paragraph can be eliminated from the whole paragraph. Friend should always be careful to prevent overexposure to the sun at the beach.

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Question 2: There space at the least 4 things to look for while proofreading. *Typos, which deserve to be misspelled words, or not correct punctuations. *Eliminate irrelevant information, you don’t must write every single detail.

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chose the details that assist build up the key idea. *Mix up the sentence lengths. Never have actually a bunch of quick sentences or lengthy sentences one after the other. Try to store them the same. Part maybe much shorter than others but try not to let too countless get also long. *Last yet not least, remove any clichés! change them through your own expressive layout rather than old, boring words. A great example is, “last however not least”.

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Question 3: A.) The definition of words “cliché” is usually worn the end sayings, old sayings, irritating come hear, boring expression B.) Derrick was tickled pink about his job promotion.

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Question 4: One kind of prewriting is freewriting. As soon as freewriting you compose any and also every idea that involves mind. Nothing worry around spelling or punctuations. Simply keep jotting down every little thing pops into your mind. A second kind of prewriting is researching. Once you research study your idea girlfriend get beneficial information about your idea from every sorts of various sources.

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