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Dear Heather,This summer, i noticed these tiny little gray bugs ~ above my window sills in the kitchen and bathroom. They space so light and tiny. I have almost thought they to be dust in ~ times. Last week i diluted some bleach ~ above a cloth and also wiped under the window sills. That appears to have actually helped. I’d still prefer to understand what these small insects are?

Why room these small bugs hanging the end in mine window?

How can I protect against them? will I have to see the wizard, or have the right to you help?Sincerely,Bugged in the Boondocks



First the all, I desire to say thanks to you because that the night I invested with phantom crawlies ~ wandering under the rabbit trail of mite and lice research.

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Second to calm down any kind of entomologists —no, spellcheck, ns most definitely did not mean etymologist—out there, i do understand that the term “bug” for zoologists and also pedants uses only come the order Hemiptera. I know most that you most likely don’t treatment anything the creeps, crawls or flies with an ext than four legs is a bug. I gain it. I’m just preventing an e-mail or two. Human being can be quite persnickety; my inbox is evidence of that.

Your first suspect because that tiny bugs on your home window sill: booklice

Since you provided that her tiny bugs are light in color and also are not tiny, black jumping insects, my gambling is they space booklice or a near relation.

Booklice, likewise spelled book lice, are not true lice. This harmless pests are additionally called psocids. Ns tried really hard, but I can not find any stock photography of this arthropods. These little bugs feed on mold and also fungi and also thrive in a humid (damp) environment. This is why castle love windows, where condensation deserve to collect.

Booklice have tendency to hang the end in windows as well as in the books that give them their name. Due to the fact that they feed on molds, to reduce the humidity that motivates mold expansion is the simplest means to control these tiny, not authorised pests.

When you wiped the window sills through dilute bleach, friend probably eliminated their food source.

Your difficulty may it is in solved, at the very least in the short term.

How to remove booklice

To stop the booklice’s return, you have the right to regularly wipe under your window sills with an anti-fungal or use dilute bleach.

These small bugs space harmless so try not to tension too much around it. Lock aren’t causing any type of damage. They absolutely aren’t pantry moths, and also so they loss into that group of biology that we shot not to think around too much.

Remember, castle aren’t destroying your building (except in the most severe infestations), castle don’t create allergies favor dust mites, and they don’t bite prefer bed bugs. They are nearly always simply a barely visible nuisance.

Did you notice I said ALMOST? I desire to keep in mind that occasionally, with significant infestations, booklice can find their means into pantries whereby they can infest grains. In the case, you litter away the infested grains, air the end the pantry, and also store any new grains in air-tight containers.

So… girlfriend arrived below by Google Search and also your little window bugs are not booklice? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here room some other possibilities because that tiny insects and other creepy-crawlies that you can find in home window sills and also other places:

Clover Mites


If friend squash the small bugs and also they leave a reddish stain, they space most most likely clover mites. Clover mites space a common, harmless however aggravating pest that additionally tends to invade windows, basement window wells, and sliding doors.

Clover mites room true mites and also not insects.

They are carefully related come spiders and also ticks, yet the an excellent news is the they eat plants. So they won’t be snacking on bad Fido over there.

The poor news is the they can invade by the thousands once the weather changes. (They have tendency to head indoors as soon as the plants die off in the fall.) you will additionally see movement in the early spring when their egg hatch.

How to get rid of clover mites.

To prevent stains on her woodwork, vacuum these and also call that good. You re welcome don’t forget to north the vacuum instantly (and then take the trash out), or you might end up through mites in other places. Clover mites choose to travel and also just like they went on one adventure and also ended up in your house, they have the right to crawl right earlier out of your vacuum.

Clover mites aren’t going to damage anything unless you squish them and stain something. Much like teenagers, lock are just wandering about in find of food. This write-up has a small bit on the avoidance of clover mites.

Biscuit Beetles


Another possibility for your tiny bugs or tiny insect pests would certainly be “biscuit beetles”. These men are also known as the drugstore beetle.

This fun tiny pest is not pertained to pantry moths yet has plenty of of the same annoying characteristics.

The big difference between pantry moths and also biscuit beetles is the the beetles (adult form) are attracted come light. It’s this attraction to light that lugged them to your windows, you come Google, and also finally to me. Aww.


Refer come this short article on pantry moths for proposal on exactly how to clean out your pantry and also store her food to avoid future infestations.

You’ll have to do a really thorough cleanout of her pantry.

This has a really thorough vacuuming (don’t forget to empty the vacuum). Her tiny brand-new insect girlfriend love every kinds the food sources, consisting of pet food and. . . I’m i m really sorry to to speak leather. They have actually unfortunately expensive taste.

If you tend not to pay attention to details, you might want to speak to in a professional.

The great news is lock don’t bite, the bad news is if you have actually an infestation, they have the right to be hiding in plenty of places in your home so the clean will should be thorough and ongoing.

If you room of the ns don’t want chemicals in my residence mindset. All food will should be in strictly sealed containers and you have to do things prefer pulling her refrigerator and also other appliances out to make sure there space no covert food sources for your little, unwanted roommates.


Finally, the critical usual suspect would be springtails. These little jumping arthropods feeding on decaying sheet litter.

But Heather, mine jumping insect-like arthropods doesn’t look choose that springtail.

Pump the brakes. Remember as soon as I said I did some research? there are practically 6000 kinds of springtails. That leads to a the majority of variety. Perform a quick Google photo Search for springtails and also see what friend come up with.

I sort of think the the Blue huge Springtail look at a little bit prefer Appa indigenous The critical Airbender and also is virtually cute.

If you use mulch close to your house, they might be wandering about looking for an ext food. These things are likewise harmless yet they deserve to be a major annoyance if they move right into your house.

What to execute if they space springtails

If you notification they congregate in a window, be sure to examine for water damage as springtails space attracted come organic decay.

If you find water damage, consult a experienced as water damages can acquire expensive quickly and damage prefer that generally does NOT get cheaper once ignored.

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If you have actually plants close to your window, you may have fungus gnats. Girlfriend would only suspect fungus gnats if your tiny window bugs room light grey and also they fly You can examine out just how to remove them here.

Are girlfriend still trying to number out what little critters space bugging you? Here’s another post that could help, how to phone call the difference in between fungus gnats, fruit flies, and also drain flies. (I don’t indicate reading this one while snacking.)

Good luck!

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I have actually had and now having the very same issue. Twenty years ago we acquired BILLIONS the these tiny bugs. They started again 10 job ago. I cleaned and cleaned and sprayed everything and also anything I deserve to think of. I cant remove them. Are in every room and still coming but only native the phibìc of our residence where there space horses. I placed a solid fan top top every window and castle come in from another place. I have to put a fan close to me when I sleep or they crawl all over my face. They do not bite little I have actually billions of small bugs to vacuum every hour. They space on the walls external just comes in all day. Is weird since they space unpredictable. I can go look early on in the morning and there are billions walking towards my home and none coming when its real hot or ns ca go as soon as it’s actual hot and also they are coming. Ns don’t recognize what come do. Ns think I’m going come eventually ruin my wood due to the fact that of so much spraying and also clorax and pine sol clean I’m doing. They look like tiny fruit flies and other times like tiny beetles. They it seems to be ~ to favor heat. Lock don’t obtain on the food or drinks other than water. Once I revolve the external grill ~ above I check out them crawling end the wall surface by the billions to acquire near the heat. They do die yet then more just keep coming. Again we get this infestation around every 20 years. Please HELP!!


Hi,Recently ns found an extremely tiny elongated grey coloured creatures with an extremely flat body uncovered along the sides of the wall and the political parties of the ceiling. Castle are around 3/4 or 1 cm long. There are at the very least 20 or more of them, part individuals, part clustered. They carry out no harm however a sight to behold, and also they it seems ~ to it is in dead. When I do the efforts vacumming them they it seems to be ~ to it is in stucked come the wall surface or ceiling and seems to have wings. Ns wiped lock off v a tissue paper. Those without wings look similar to plain cement and when pressed, its naught inside however leaves a follow of grey dust. This is my very first time encountering them since I relocated to a new flat where there are several greenery around.Appreciate a answer to my email address. Give thanks to you. October 18, 2016.